Tatyana Joseph is chatting with HOLR about how she keeps it real online!

tatyana joseph

Image Credit: Dalvin Adams

Tatyana Joseph is the one to watch on the Hollywood scene.

The actress, model, and beauty creator has captivated her 4.5M+ virtual audience with a winning combination of optimistic life advice and beauty tips we can’t get enough of! Tatyana is sitting down to chat with HOLR all about how she got her start online, what people can expect from visiting her page, and what’s next for her!

Talk to us about how you got started in the industry as a beauty creator.

So, when I started my journey, the original goal was to build up my socials so I could get more acting gigs- I’m an actor at heart! I started going to auditions and realized there were some casting calls where they wanted people who could pull in more numbers, say that they had above 10-15K followers. That’s when I started to get into social media.
I do my hair all the time, so I started showing off some of my hairstyles, and people started asking about my products, and skincare. Then, I started sharing everything and learning new things! It grew from there and ultimately became a space I loved being in. Social media started off as a tool at first but then it became a home for me.- I love it!
tatyana joseph

Image Credit: Dalvin Adams

You keep it real with your content- what can people expect when following you on social media?

They can. expect a little bit of everything! I started with hair, skincare, and makeup. This is when TikTok took off with “POV” videos and relatable content. I really dove into relatable content- everyday stuff, growing up stuff sometimes advice, sometimes acting- I do it all! My acting phase was DRAMATIC!
Then there was a shift where I made friends over social media and started having them in videos. I noticed my audience really wanted to see creators with our friends, which is how the TikTok House started. I always have my friends on my social media.
In short, you can expect friendships, families- everything! Basically whatever I feel like putting up there every day!
tatyana joseph

Image Credit: Dalvin Adams

What’s your go-to piece of beauty advice?

Learn what works for you! There’s nothing better than trial and error with all of the beauty methods and products out there. I didn’t start putting on makeup until college and I was like, “Oh I kinda like this!” I started to practice putting on everything I saw trending over social media and played with all these trending products for over a year. In fact, it took me about 3 years to figure out what really works for me.

Do whatever makes you happy in the mirror and it will all come together. It’s like a puzzle- you’ll find your look eventually!

You hope that your followers see you as a “voice of reason.” What does this mean?

It means a lot! It was how I was raised. My advice is always very “mom-ish” you can always find a solution if there’s a problem- I’m a problem solver. I don’t like to internalize things or get angry over things. The universe will make things happen and you just have to learn to get through the obstacles. I see things and I’m like if this is reality, let’s try to find a solution.

Once I started making an impression on my audience, all of the drama that would try to come my way, all of the bad energy that tried to flood my comments, it never worked. I think that’s the reason my profile is so positive now- it was never able to be negative!

Maybe I am a mom! My audience knows what’s up.

tatyana joseph

Image Credit: Dalvin Adams

What’s next for you- we hear you’re into acting, modeling, and promoting health and body positivity. Can you share some more details on what you have coming down the pipeline?

I reached a lot of my social media goals this year so I’m planning to shift my focus more to acting.  I completed my second round of acting classes but I’m halfway through now! I hope to expand into commercial film, and modeling- many more out-there experiences in those fields I’ve been dreaming on!

I let social media take over for 3 years and sort of missed the original goal. YouTube will be a much bigger focus so my audience is super excited about that. I also have a merch line coming out next year which I’m super excited about! I’m also hoping to expand more into lifestyle, which you will be able to see more on YouTube.

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