As the days get warmer and the layers get scarcer, there is one thing to keep in mind – don’t go tighter. This year’s summer silhouettes are loose, billowy, boxy, and oversized. The skinny jeans have turned into culottes, your crop tops are now oversized t-shirts or long tanks, and your body-con bandage dresses have been replaced by slip dresses.


Last year, many trends incorporated one loose-fitting item to balance with a tight fitting item. This year, we’re seeing all aspects of the outfit be loose.

Why the change? Festival trends are leaving the 80s inspiration and starting to adopt more boho-chic elements. As all bohemian festival goddesses know – the more room to dance, the better.


That is not say that throwing out all of your tight clothes is necessary. Most times, oversized boyfriend shorts call for a tight top but pairing and oversized t-shirt with your midi pleated skirt is just as acceptable!

If there is one good thing to say about loose clothing – there’s more room for your skin to breathe in the hot summer!

Written by: Ania Bessonov