What’s better than making something from the past,  a current trend that has resurfaced from our little girl days? For fashionistas, probably nothing. Alicia Roddy shows us not be afraid of the once upon a time school girl ruffles. Our favourite brands are coming out with ruffle pieces by the masses, but it’s up to us to know which styles are worth the purchase. In most of Alicia’s recent posts, she sports ruffles and dramatic volumes in all parts of her outfit.


This dress is from Urban Outfitters and top from Zara

Bold Colours and Long Sleeves

A bold colour is not only a statement, but looks great with patterns too. Opt for a long sleeve ruffled shirt to make the whole look as classy as possible.


Ruffled Pants

Remember, tops aren’t always the main event. Pants can be just as important and Roddy shows us how easily it’s done. Paired with a simple top and statement sneakers is all you need.


Crop Top Ruffles

Even the smallest crop can sport the cutest ruffles. Make it a statement colour and your outfit is perfect


Ruffle Sleeves an Embroidery

The bigger the sleeves, the more eyes you are going to attract. Add some embroidery detailing to make your outfit more unique and complete.


Ruffles and Sheer

Sheer ruffles are perfect for a classic look, both on its own or as a layering piece.


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