Pete Davidson Won’t Mention Kim Kardashian On SNL For This Reason

After Pete Davidson‘s departure from SNL, it has been announced that the stand-up comedian will be hosting the show on May 6th.

Now although fans are excited about Davidson’s return, fans can’t help but wonder if Davidson is going to throw some jabs at ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. 

Image Credit: NBC

“Good Sport”

A source has shared with Page Six that Davidson is being a ‘good sport’ when it comes to his past relationships. In regard to his relationship with Kim Kardashian, sources say that Davidson is going to refrain from making jokes surrounding their relationship.


When the couple called it quits back in August of 2022, they both agreed to ‘drop everything and move on,’ which is the prime reason why any jokes relating to Kardashian will not happen.

Respectful Exes

Another reason is to keep Kim’s name cleared from the internet. When Pete and Kim were first pursuing each other, Davidson would crack some jokes about Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West. The whole back and forth got extremely intense. What drew the line was Kanye’s music video for his song, ‘Eazy’ which had a cartoon version of Davidson being kidnapped and buried.

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As reported by People, Pete sought therapy after the incident.

“[He’s respecting the fact] her team is so protective of her image and it was so volatile from Kanye’s side,” the source shared to Page Six.

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