The longest night of the year can sound like an ominous time, but given the right tools we can use this dark day to see the brightest light. 


Each winter we are given an opportunity to work with the cycles of nature, and in particular, the Winter Solstice. This day, with the longest night of the year is upon us, offering an added chance to go within and reflect on all that has happened for us in the previous season.  

The night time represents introspective energy and with the turn of the decade getting closer, we can utilize this extended darkness even more powerfully to create the life we really want. By turning inwards we have the unique ability to heal and find completion on anything we do not wish to carry forward into this new cycle.

When you pause and reflect on what it is you need to release, you amplify your ability to let it go, leaving space for more aligned energy to come. The Solstice this Saturday December 21st is a potent time of transition from dark to light, and as a symbolic day of death and rebirth, take this chance to free yourself from anything or anyone that is no longer serving you. The following ritual can support you in making the most of this time. Be honest, compassionate and loving with yourself as you go through this process. Prepare for big things to come. You are ready.

Winter Solstice Ritual

  1. Create a quiet and comfortable space.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing your mind to settle.
  3. Inhale visualize your future entering your life in a stream of light. Exhale visualize the past leaving your life in a cloud of smoke. Surrender, and let go of control.
  4. Open your eyes. Write down at least 5 specific things you are ready to let go of. Let this be intuitive. Be open to what comes to mind.
  5. Close your eyes and visualize one of the items you wrote down. Imagine seeing it wrapped in a bubble of light right in front of you. Repeat this mantra silently in your mind; I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you. Keep repeating this mantra until your energy feels lighter and more at ease. You have now forgiven the past. Let it go.
  6. Repeat this mantra for each item you wrote down. Take your time and do not rush the process.
  7. When you feel ready, write down 5 new items you wish to bring into your life. 
  8. Close your eyes and visualize each item coming towards you in a ball of light. Imagine you are opening your arms to receive it.
  9. Thank yourself for showing up, and prepare to receive everything you have asked for.

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