Grego Minot and Ada Mlostek to host ‘What’s Cooking with Grego & Ada’, with invited celebrity guests. Put two joyful girlfriends in the kitchen  add wine, spread passion for food, mix in celebrity guests and let it simmer – the serving will be as delicious as entertaining!

Actor and ‘Real Housewives of Toronto’ cast member Grego Minot has teamed up with TV show producer/host Ada Mlostek (‘Look I Cook’ and ‘Travel, Eat, Have Fun, Repeat’) to create ‘What’s Cooking with Grego & Ada’ a cooking-themed talk show that combines food, wine, positive energy and candid conversations with celebrity guests.
Shot in a state-of-the-art kitchen, each of the show’s episodes will feature Grego and Ada cooking a meal alongside a celebrity guest who will share a favourite recipe. During this process, the co-hosts will engage with their guest in a fun and informal manner in order to present them as they are beyond their public image and away from the spotlight.
“Hosting such an entertaining show gives Ada and I an opportunity to let our personalities shine – we make sure our enthusiasm comes through everything we do!” says Grego. “We share a passion for cooking and we believe it is one of the simplest pleasures in life. Our goal is to bring the viewers in on our experience as if they are cooking with us in the kitchen and sharing our fun,” Ada adds. Watch out, their energy is contagious!
Check out the latest episodes on their youtube channel: