Woody Harrelson, who hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time on February 25th, has gained criticism for his monologue on the comedy show’s latest episode. We have the details on why his monologue was controversial.

Woody Harrelson Monologue

As noted by The Independent, Harrelson was criticized after he told the SNL audience his memory of “the craziest script” he has ever read. Harrelson said in his monologue that the script was about politicians and the media forcing people to stay locked down in their homes and not come out of their houses unless they were to take daily drugs from drug cartels. The actor then admitted that he “threw the script away” because he thought nobody would believe the idea of enforced drug consumption. “Who is going to believe that crazy idea?” he asked, before stating “I do that [doing drugs] voluntarily all day long.”

This was certainly not the first time Woody Harrelson spewed disinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, the No Country For Old Men movie star shared his views that he did not believe in the efficiency of the mask mandate, calling it absurd and that he had not contracted the virus because he was “internally clean”. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Harrelson also seemed to support a conspiracy theory that 5G cellular service could spread coronavirus and exacerbate the contagion, an idea that has been debunked for being inaccurate.

Woody Harrelson in 2014

Image credit: NBC/Saturday Night Live

Donald Trump Mocked on Saturday Night Live

Woody Harrelson’s monologue was not the only thing that got people talking about the latest SNL episode. James Austin Johnson, who impersonated Donald Trump during a comedic sketch, was also getting a lot of attention for his performance. While impersonating the former president and making fun of his visit to East Palestine in Ohio, the site of a toxic chemical spill, Johnson could be heard saying that the polluted river is so beautiful and shiny because of the discolorations and rainbow. “It’s great”, Johnson said while embodying Trump’s persona, “It’s wearing makeup like Fenty beauty water.”

James Austin Johnson impersonating Donald Trump

Image credit: Will Heath/NBC


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