In these stressful and confusing times with so much uncertainty, small businesses everywhere are wondering how to proceed. Many have had to close temporarily and, if possible, move all their work to be done remotely. They are awaiting a time when they might be able to return to business as usual. Still, in the meantime, many are trying to make the best of the current situation. At Wuxly Movement, they are doing their best to continue to spread their Live Warm movement through their online following, trying to find the positives in all the pain. 

Founded in 2012, Wuxly Movement is a sustainable Canadian outerwear company designing and manufacturing animal-friendly and ethically sourced items in both Toronto and Winnipeg. The brand has always promoted and worked by their Live Warm brand mantra: “Warm in our practices, warm to the planet and warm to all living beings.” Founder James Yurichuk recently sent out a message on the Wuxly Movement Instagram page, where he spoke about the importance of applying this message more than ever in our everyday lives. Thanking all the businesses and communities who have stepped up and come together in a socially distanced way, he encouraged everyone to continue helping those who need our help most at this time. 

Spreading positivity is how the Wuxly Movement is using its platform to help its community in this tough time. Every day on their Instagram stories, they’ve been promoting “Makers of Warmth” to their following. By sharing other small businesses, brands, people and organizations that are doing great things for community or supporting others, they hope to inspire more to do the same. 

If you are wondering how you can help support your local small businesses in this tough time, make sure to give them a follow on social media, leave them a positive review, and keep them in mind for your future purchases. “Supporting local is going to be crucial for us as Canadians to rebuild. It’s the smaller guys that have the warmth behind them. If we group together to help build one another up during this time, we will come out of this stronger than ever” said James Yurichuk in a statement for HOLR. When Canadians choose to support Canadian companies, it will help with the rebuilding of our economy! 

Photo By: Johany Jutras

Follow the Wuxly Movement on social media @wuxlymovement and check out their online store to browse through a wide range of their vegan, animal friendly and 100% Canadian sustainable outerwear. Also, make sure to share with them how you’re doing your part to #LiveWarm.