Looking to escape the daily grind and enjoy an unforgettable adventure with your bestie? Travelling together can be a hugely rewarding experience, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. As such, careful planning is essential to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Here we have compiled the ultimate guide for bestfriends travel!

Choosing a Destination

First and foremost, you must decide upon a destination. You may both have similar ideas, or you are more decisive about where it should be. If so, great! However, it is essential to consider each other’s interests and preferences. Does budget restrict you? Will the journey involve a lengthy flight or be relatively short-haul? What type of climate will you both enjoy most – tropical heatwaves or cooler climates for exploring outdoors? Here are some ideas for starting:

  • The Star Gold Coast casino in Australia. Maybe you both find the hustle and bustle of Vegas too wild –- in Australia, you can check out one of the best gaming hubs while soaking up the stunning scenery. This could be your opportunity to relax and enjoy some quality live casino games in the company of your bestie. Moreover, you could combine your trip to The Star Gold Coast with adventurous activities like snorkelling off the coast or exploring a more rural area.
  • Adventuring through Canada’s wilderness. Immerse yourselves within one of nature’s great havens and explore all this extraordinary landscape has to offer – a magical wonderland just waiting to be discovered. As well as taking in majestic mountains, vast forests and extreme weather conditions, you can marvel at the country’s abundant wildlife.
  • Exploring culture in Italy. Italy is guaranteed to invigorate the senses with artwork and architecture at every turn. From enjoying pizza and gelato in the quaint city streets to retreating among rural villages, you both can explore history through mouthwatering food. With plenty of vibrant cities and too many famous landmarks to count, this could be the all-inclusive cultural experience you have been dreaming of.
  • Hiking in Scotland. With its sensational scenery and thrilling activities, hiking Scot’s wilderness is a surefire way to enjoy quality time with your best friend while surrounded by epic beauty. Whether you are setting off alone to bag a peak or joining groups for the ultimate Highland escape, this could be an unforgettable summer of bags and hikes.
  • Cruise around the Caribbean. Turquoise seas blew through your hair, and you could relax with cocktails on white-sand beaches under blue skies – bliss! The Caribbean offers a unique chance to experience some of the best views, vibes and contrast between cultures. It is a perfect way to share a dreamy time with your bestie.

Of course, you can always consider something in your local area. Perhaps you have overlooked its attractions, but it can be extraordinary to discover an undiscovered corner of your region together. Try coming up with ideas as a team – it can be fun and provide surprising results you may never have imagined.

Making the Arrangements 

After locking in your destination, it is time to bring the journey into motion. There are many considerations, from booking flights and accommodation to ensuring passports are valid. Here are a few essential items to tick off the list:

  • Book transport. Whether driving, flying or taking a train, secure your ride well in advance for better deals and peace of mind. Don’t forget any visas needed at this stage either – research what’s required before travelling, as these can sometimes take weeks to process.
  • Organise accommodation/activities. Are you staying in one place or several? Or perhaps exploring on foot? Be sure to arrange all accommodations, such as hostels and hotels, upfront before embarking on your trip. Adventure activities and tours can also be booked – ensuring they are safe and legal operations is essential before participating in such activities.
  • Develop a budget/Itinerary. Set realistic budgets for the journey to allocate enough funds without overspending. Additionally, some kind of itinerary briefly summarising what you will do daily will keep things on track during your travels. This should be flexible, though, as experiencing unexpected moments is often when the best memories are made!
  • Try to save on shopping. Research quality goods at the best prices and book in advance whenever possible, such as car hire, campervan booking or tours. But always remember to be open-minded – spontaneous sightseeing or visiting exhibits may add an extra dimension of magic.

These are the fundamental elements to securing an unforgettable journey with your favourite person. Put time together for researching and going through plans – this is key for a successful vacation! So be sure to get planning early, as it can make your trip all the more enjoyable.


Finally, make sure you savour every moment with your best friend. Whether enjoying exhilarating activities or peaceful moments shared around a campfire, you must appreciate these precious memories you are creating. And remember – sometimes just wandering off on an unexpected side journey can be hugely rewarding and result in some of life’s most cherished tales!

Published by HOLR Magazine.