Fountain pens are a great writing tool that appeals to different people and offers incredible performance for its users. Celebrities are among some of the fountain pen users who swear by their great performance and effectiveness in writing. Some of the celebrities who use fountain pens in their daily lives include:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has grown to become a passionate gender equality advocate with amazing speeches written and some delivered at the UN. Most people got to know her from the Harry Potter movies where she played Hermione Granger.

In the movie, she would always carry a feather quill with her that helped her with her spells. However, when she is not on set, she would trade in her feather quill and replace it with a fountain pen.

Emma Watson was a student at Brown university taking a bachelor’s in English literature. She attributes her success in her studies to her trusted Parker pen that she always relied on. She is a huge fan of fountain pens and still uses the Parker fountain pen to date.

The Parker pens are an amazing pen choice given that they are made with great craftsmanship and emphasis on quality control. They offer an incredible writing experience and produce smooth lines that are greatly appreciated by their users. 

Queen Elizabeth 

In the British Royal family, the use of quality fountain pens has been seen on several occasions. Queen Elizabeth always relies on her trusted Parker pens when it comes to reviewing and signing different documents.

She is an avid user of this particular fountain pen brand and so is Prince Charles. The Parker pens are well designed and offer a great writing performance that is appreciated by the Queen herself. 


Johnny Depp

Being an actor with an amazing persona and identity, Johnny Depp has starred and featured in a lot of great movies. From pirates of the Caribbean to Alice in Wonderland among others, he continues to entertain with his amazing talent.

What most people don’t know is that Johnny Depp owns a small village in the South of France. For those lucky enough to visit the place, they have been said to see Johnny seated on a window with his fountain pen and journal.

Additionally, Johnny Depp has been featured in a Montblanc fountain pen ad and has shared that he uses the Montblanc Meisterstuck 149. This pen comes with a clean and sleek look and has been known to offer an amazing writing experience.

The pen is also known as the power pen seeing as it has been used by prominent politicians like Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush. 


Spike Milligan

Being one of the voice actors and contributing writers in The Goon Show, Spike Milligan enjoyed crafting words and writing using a fountain pen. His fountain pen of choice was the Sheaffer pen.

He appreciated the amazing writing tool that this pen was and how it translated on paper. Given that he lived in an era where fountain pens were very popular, he got to enjoy their use quite well.

The specific Sheaffer pen he used is not clearly stated but speculations indicate that it was a PFM now known as the Sheaffer Triumph Imperials. This pen’s name was changed because it stood for “pens for men” which became an issue especially with the rise of the feminist movement. After it was discontinued, a similar design came in as the Imperial and features great writing performance. 


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey launched her career in the TV industry at age 20 when she began as a news anchor. She then grew to host her own talk shows that became huge successes.

She has an undeniable calm and cool demeanor that makes it easier for her to connect with guests and her audience. Oprah prides herself to be a great fountain pen user and collector. She marvels at the beauty that this writing tool presents when in use.

In 2014, Oprah sold a few of her fountain pens in an auction showing that she has quite a collection. However, her favorite day-to-day pen choice is the Visconti Silver FiligreeMounted fountain pen.

This pen is one of the most expensive and detail-oriented pens made by any manufacturer. They feature the use of the Filigree method in their manufacturing processes.

This process is only known by a handful of craftsmen which makes it a complex and expensive process. This pen is however a great pen that offers an amazing translation of ink on paper and features amazing aesthetic finishes. 

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson embodies the responsibilities that she portrays in her films and in her writing. She is actively involved in Amnesty international and also supports the Lower east side girls club.

Given the different roles she takes on in her daily life, she relies on her trusted fountain pen to help structure her days. Her brand and fountain pen of choice would be Montblanc, specifically the UNICEF pen.

This pen is a part of a collection where some of the proceeds from purchases made, are donated to different charities to fund education to all. This is a worthy cause that Rosario Dawson would support making it a no-brainer that this is the pen she would be using from the Montblanc brand.


Kristen Stewart

As an avid journaler and poet, Kristen Stewart relies heavily on her fountain pen to get her thoughts down on paper. She has starred in different movies including Twilight which brought her into the limelight.

She boasts an amazing fountain pen collection that she is keen on continuously expanding. She loves using her Tibaldi for Bentley Crewe fountain pen.

It is said that this was a gift from Robert Pattison after the end of the Breaking dawn films. These pens are made as a limited collection and are quite pricey. They offer great use and great translation of ink used on paper.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was well known for his acting skills and the career he built for over 75 years. However, in those years, he also kept a journal where he jotted down his thoughts and poems.

Many don’t know this but he would have been a great poet if his works were to be published. He was an avid user of fountain pens while working in his journal and enjoyed their performance.

It is however not stated the specific pen he used but the Montblanc brand named a fountain pen after him. The Montblanc Charlie Chaplin fountain pen with intricate designs and the use of 18k gold.


Howard Stern

Howard Stern who is a well-known and established TV and radio personality believes in the power of writing things down. He encourages his employees to adopt the use of pen and paper to keep track of their day’s tasks.

He uses a fountain pen to get all his writing done. One of his colleagues noticed his love for writing and gifted him a Visconti Arte Mudrjar Aragones. This pen features great Spanish details that make it an aesthetically pleasing option with great performance on paper. 


Edward Norton

Edward Norton an actor and great star in the Hollywood industry is known for his love of fountain pens. He has been featured as a patron of the Montblanc brand.

He referred to the fountain pens as a classic and seem to be drawn to the Meisterstuck Le Petit Prince Solitaire LeGrand fountain pen in particular. It is a great pen choice that features amazing detail and was created with quality and high performance in mind. 


Fountain pens are a great investment that even celebrities appreciate using. They are a great writing tool that offers amazing performance. The best part is that they are collectible pieces that you can enjoy having in your possession.

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