Celebrities can be weird and quirky especially when it comes to the things they can’t live without. Sometimes it’s as simple as water, other times it’s as weird as an air fryer. It is obvious that some of the ‘things’ celebrities can’t live without are things we can’t have, but hey it’s cool to know their quirky side. 

Dan Levy from the sitcom Schitt’s Creek is known to be somewhat of a fashion icon. His impeccable street style along with the character’s wardrobe says a lot about this pick. The Prada stretch technical trousers retail at $1700, but they are the perfect pair that can go from casual to dressy. 

Alessia Cara is a Canadian singer with Italian roots, and what more can you get from an Italian than an old school stovetop espresso machine. These can retail from $30- $100 depending on how good you want your coffee to taste, make sure you also get some fresh Italian grown/roasted beans. 

Lauren Conrad is known for her hit reality to show The Hills and continuing with trends and styles, her obsession is an Air Fryer. Many people have been raving about air fryers and the magic that they do, so be like Lauren, reheat those cold french fries for only $250. 

Michael Zegan, better known as Joel Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is used to sleeping in New York’s West Village, as the city never sleeps, Michael cannot sleep without a white noise machine. Better than any app, the High Fidelity White Sound Machine can be yours for only $50. 

Rebel Wilson is some rebel indeed. The comedic actress picked up a bottle of Cowshed Horny Cow Seductive Body Lotion as a joke. But it turns out, this lotion is seductive as it has the scent of roses, and it is always funny when someone asks what you’re wearing and you say ‘horny cow’. Pick this up for all your seducing needs for $36 a bottle. 

Antoni Porowski is a Masterchef in the Queer Eye kitchen, among many other kitchens. No wonder he can’t live without Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused Black Garlic Salt. Antoni’s recommendation using it in salads for the smoky garlic taste without the garlic breath. Or for $12 sprinkle it over anything you want, it’s obviously approved by Antoni. 

Kristen Bell, the coolest mom in all of Hollywood has her back troubles too. Kristen cannot live without Lord Jones High CBD Body Lotion for her back issues. Of course, she can’t live without

it, she’s carrying comedic Hollywood on her back all these years. At just $40 you can save your back or any other injured body part unless you want to find another way. 

Now that you know how weird some celebrities are, and how we normal people probably can’t afford to live the same weird lifestyles, at least some of these items should be tried by us, I mean if celebrities use them, why shouldn’t we trust the products?