Cameron Inman stars in AMC’s “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches.” Learn all about the talented actress, from how she got her start in the industry to how she preps for her roles!

Spanish American Actress Cameron Inman is sitting down to chat with HOLR about her experience as the younger version of Annabeth Gish’s character ‘Deidre” in AMC’s “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” which premiered in January. She’s also telling us about how she got her start in the industry, her other notable roles, how she preps to get into character, and what her future plans are.

Keep reading to learn all about Cameron and how she’s taking the industry by storm as a multifaceted actress in the field.

Talk to us about how you got your start in the industry. 

We moved from Texas to New Mexico when I was like 10 years old. In New Mexico, we didn’t really have theatre arts or anything like that. When we moved here, the fifth graders got to do a Christmas musical and I was super excited. I ended up getting the lead role in the musical, it was called Holly Day- and I played Holly Day. I had a big part and two singing solos and I fell in love with it.

You starred in AMC’s “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” as the younger version of Annabeth Gish’s character “Diedre”. Tell us about your character.

I play young Diedre who is the young version of Annabeth Gish’s character. Annabeth Gish plays older Diedre. As soon as I found out that I got the role of younger Diedre I immediately went out and bought all of the books. I sped-read the first book to get an idea and background of my character. So younger Diedre is Rowan’s mother. Rowan is played by Alexandra Daddario, who is the lead in the series. It just kind of gives the background about her mother and her origins. Rowan is the 13th witch so she’s super important, but her mother is also important because she is the woman who gave birth to her.

“Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” recently premiered on January 8th so what can viewers expect when tuning into the series?   

Buckle up for a wild ride! It’s nothing like I ever experienced. I still get so excited- I’m watching episode 7 today! Anne Rice is a wonderful author and writer who wrote this complex story. They translated that into a series that is very complex but features strong female leads and champions women’s empowerment.

It also has the magic of New Orleans! The atmosphere, and the vibes, are encompassed in Mayfair Witches. I think people can expect a magical show with powerful women.

Cameron Inman

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Your other recent roles include  ‘Lena’ in the horror film “Room 203” and ‘Inga’ in BET’s series “Sacrifice.” How have these roles helped shaped your career in the space?

When I found out I booked Room 203, and a few months later I found out I booked BET’s Sacrifice. They are two totally different roles- Room 203 is a horror genre and it was the first time I got to play the first person you see in a horror film. It was so cool because I got to do the special effects, and wear contacts, which was totally fun.

Sacrifice was almost like a. soap opera genre. It was super cool and different. I love playing polar opposites in things. I had almost a sex scene in Sacrifice (they showed the morning after) but it kind of helped me prep for a scene in Mayfair Witches so I felt a little more comfortable with the idea of it and being on set.

As a talented actress, how do you prepare to get into character?

I can go into how I got into Diedre’s character. She has a lot of things going on in her world, and when I was filming I always like to bring myself into these characters. I’m prepped the day before by going over my lines, what emotions I’m feeling, etc. I think about when I felt those emotions in my real life and always try to find something that made me feel how Diedre is feeling. I always encompass that because I feel like I am a very empathetic person.

What’s next for you? What are your future goals in the industry?

I have a few things going on that I can’t go into too much detail about but I’m super excited! My goal is to get onto more shows- I love movies, TV all of the above. I want to work more and be consistent in my work. I would love to do something in the comedy genre at some point. However, for anything dramatic or horror, I’m like I’m ready. Let’s do it!

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