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As a musician, you are passionate about creating music that evokes emotions, tells stories, and inspires people.

However, making a living as a musician can be challenging, especially in today’s world, where competition is fierce and the music industry constantly evolves.

Musicians can generate multiple income streams, from selling merchandise to licensing music. 

The good news is that there are several ways for musicians to monetize their talent and make a living in 2023. 

This article will explore ten ways musicians can make money in 2023, helping you turn your musical aspirations into a sustainable career. 

Let’s jump into it!

10 Ways For Musicians To Earn Money

Here are ten time-tested ways for musicians to make money in 2023:

1. Digital Streaming Royalties

This is among the most popular revenue streams currently associated with independent musicians. In addition, streaming services like Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music can provide musicians with a source of income.

Increasing your Spotify streams requires some effort, but it is worthwhile for expanding your fan base and earning money from multiple streams. And you can quickly check your service pay through a Spotify royalty calculator.

It does require a substantial number of streams to obtain a decent earning. So getting your songs playlisted on Spotify is an excellent way to get more out of these streaming platforms and boost your career as a musician. 

2. Do Live Performances

Live performances are a staple for musicians looking to make money. Whether you’re performing at a local bar or a large venue, you can earn money from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and tips from the audience. 

If you’re starting, consider hitting the local venues, cafes, and bars to build a following and get your name out there. As your popularity grows, so will the size of your venues, allowing you to earn more money.

3. Teach What You Know

Share your mastery with the world and turn your skills into income! Whether a rapper, singer, composer, or producer, you can impart your wisdom to up-and-coming artists through online tutorials, workshops, and vlogs.

For instrumentalists, why not use your downtime to mentor young musicians and shape their talents? You can share your expertise and help others reach their musical goals by offering private lessons.

The essence is that your knowledge is a valuable commodity, and there will always be someone eager to learn and willing to pay for it. So, turn your passion into profit and share your musical brilliance with the world.

4. Album Sales

Album sales are another traditional way for musicians to make money. In the past, album sales were the primary source of income for musicians, but with the rise of digital streaming platforms, the role of album sales has changed. 

However, album sales are still an important source of income for musicians, especially for independent artists who don’t have the support of a major label.

Consider selling your music on platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp, and promote your album through social media and your website.

5. Streaming Your Performances

Bring your music to the world and make a little money while doing so through the magic of live streaming. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook offer the opportunity to connect with fans and perform in real time for a global audience.

And with the bonus of monetization options like ads, sponsorships, and viewer tips, live streaming is a lucrative option for musicians just starting and eager to expand their fanbase.

So why not use technology and reach a wider audience through the excitement of live streaming? Your music and wallet will thank you.

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6. Monetize Your Music On YouTube

As a musical artist, your talent is only half the equation for making a living in the industry. The other half is monetizing your work. 

If you have a strong subscriber base on YouTube, you’re sitting on a goldmine waiting to be tapped. The platform offers several ways to monetize your music content through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. 

But don’t stop there; you can also maximize your earnings by expanding your reach to other social media platforms. Consider each platform’s unique monetization options and pick the ones that align with your brand and target audience. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting, monetizing your YouTube channel is essential in turning your musical passion into a profitable career.

7. Writing Jingles And Music for Advertising

Turn your musical talent into a source of income by writing jingles and music for advertising.

In a world filled with commercials, brands and companies constantly need original, catchy tunes to accompany their messages. As a musician, you have the unique ability to bring those tunes to life.

So why not put your skills to work and make some money? 

Reach out to advertising agencies and offer your expertise as a composer or musician. You never know what opportunities may arise, but one thing is sure – composing jingles is a creative and financially rewarding venture for any talented musician.

8. Selling Merchandise

Selling your merchandise is a crucial way to monetize your musical talent. With some research, creating a line of merchandise can be affordable and, when sold at live events or concerts, can help offset the cost of travel and venue rental.

Don’t limit your merchandise offerings to just clothing. Instead, get creative and expand your offerings to include various products, such as mugs, phone cases, posters, bottle openers, and more. 

This diversity not only adds excitement to your merchandise line but also creates different price points, appealing to a broader range of fans and helping increase overall sales.

So, even if not every fan can afford a $15 t-shirt, they may still be willing to splurge on a $5 keychain. And, as they say, every little bit counts!

9. Monetize Your Music Production Skills By Selling Beats And Samples

By selling your beats and samples, you can tap into a vast network of musicians, songwriters, and music producers who are always searching for fresh and unique sounds.

This opens up an exciting new world of possibilities for you to monetize your music production skills and showcase your talents to a broader audience. 

Think of it as an opportunity to spread your creative wings and reach beyond your current fanbase. By offering your beats and samples for sale, you can create a sustainable source of income that can support your passion for music production.

It’s important to remember that the quality of your beats and samples will play a huge role in your success. So invest in your production skills, and put in the time and effort to make your beats and samples the best they can be. 

10. Set Up A Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a way to harness the generosity of your fans and ask for their support in funding a specific project.

Whether it’s a tour, album recording, or even acquiring musical equipment or commissioning album artwork, the combined efforts of even a small, dedicated fanbase can make a significant impact.

The arts have not gone unnoticed by crowdfunding platforms offering various options tailored to musicians. So why not harness the potential of your fanbase and give your musical career a boost with the help of crowdfunding?

Pro tip: you can advertise your music using social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

You Can Do This As Well: Maximize Your Potential Earnings

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As a musician, don’t limit yourself to just one income stream. Think outside the box and diversify your revenue sources by selling samples, creating engaging social media content, and even releasing your music.

By embracing the power of variety, you’ll open the doors to countless financial opportunities. Musicians can also create and sell digital products, such as e-books, courses, and workshops, to supplement their income and reach a wider audience.

You can create a successful business and grow your brand by offering valuable content that speaks to your fans’ interests.

So, soar to new heights and seize every chance to showcase your talents.

The wider you spread your wings, the more opportunities you’ll have to build your bank account and solidify your financial success as a musician in 2023.


  1. How can musicians take advantage of new technology to make money?

Musicians can use new technology, such as AI and VR, to create innovative experiences for their fans and increase their earning potential.

For example, they can offer interactive virtual concerts, sell merchandise in virtual reality shops, and collaborate with tech companies to create music-based experiences.

  1. How can musicians monetize their social media presence in 2023?

Musicians can monetize their social media presence by partnering with brands, offering exclusive content to fans, and promoting their merchandise. 

They can also use social media to connect with fans and build a loyal following, increasing the success of other monetization efforts.

  1. How can musicians sell their merchandise and make a profit?

Musicians can sell merchandise through their official website, at live shows, and through online marketplaces. To make a profit, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of production costs, target audience, and pricing strategy.

Additionally, offering exclusive merchandise, such as limited edition items, can increase sales.

Final Thoughts

Consider exploring these options and finding the best fit for your music and goals. Remember that making a living as a musician takes hard work, dedication, and persistence.

Feel free to contact other musicians, industry professionals, and fans for support and advice. 

With talent, determination, and a willingness to experiment and try new things, you can easily make a living as a musician in 2023 and beyond.

Published by HOLR Magazine.