Your dream is to be a successful musician, but you need to know how to advertise your music properly? Well, look no further, as you can now find out a few ways to create more of an audience for your music that you worked so hard on. We can explore these options in much more detail to help you get set up and start growing the audience you deserve.

Social Media Platforms

The online world is the cheapest and fastest way to reach people across the world. It has become the easiest way to communicate and spread news and information. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, are used by millions and millions of people from around the globe, every single day. By uploading your music as a direct video, or including an URL link to your music on a status/tweet, you’re giving yourself the chance of millions of people hearing your music and passing it onto other people. Social media apps are free to use in most cases, and if you use your hashtags and statuses correctly, tagging compatible people when necessary, then your audience should grow and more people will hear your stuff.

Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t had the chance to advertise your music yet, as every musician has been in your place once upon a time, wondering how to advertise their music and how to do it well. There are multiple ways to gain an audience for your tunes, including using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, using external services to advertise your music such as PlaylistStreams, uploading your music to music streaming apps, using ADS and more. 


Everyone with access to the internet knows what YouTube is, but if you don’t, then it’s an online video sharing platform with millions of users and viewers. YouTube is a brilliant way to share your music and a lot of artists have found their claim to fame through the platform. Did you know Justin Bieber was discovered through YouTube? Well, now you do. You could be the new Biebs. Don’t forget that most people use the app, you never know who is watching your videos and who thinks you have a special talent.

Audio Streaming Providers

Most musicians eventually end up streaming their music through services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer… The list is endless! There are multiple providers for you to choose from, but the more you use, the better. Not every person has all apps, therefore it’s best to use multiple for your music to reach more people. There may be a small fee with some providers to upload your music, however the cost will be well worth it as the more of an audience you grow – the more money you can make from your creations. 

Marketing Services

You can use marketing services to do some of the work for you. In this case, you will pay a company that will use their knowledge and skills to add your music to playlists on streaming apps such as Spotify. This will guarantee you real streams and real listeners. Your chosen marketing service should provide you with updates regarding statistics if you choose to go down the route of professional help.

Personal website / ADS

You could create your own website that contains everything regarding your music there. This is a good way to be found by your name, as a simple search on Google could divert people to your website. As well as having a website, you could pay for ADS. A good place to use ADS is on social media platforms. Again, you will have to pay a fee, but it will help your music to be heard as your ADS will appear on various people’s pages, especially though whose interests are tailored to a similarity of yourself and music.

Radio Shows, Podcasts and Competitions

A brilliant way to expose your music is by using a medium who is already under the spotlight. A lot of radio shows and podcasts, that are primarily music related, will normally have a section that is based upon upcoming artists. Research into who does it in your area, send in your music to them and keep your fingers crossed. This is once in a lifetime advertisement, and if you can get the chance, then it will be absolutely incredible for you! Celebrities are public interest, they inspire a lot of people’s likes and dislikes. You may also find competitions that are seeking new musicians, it won’t hurt to enter and again, it’s an advertisement as well as enjoyment.

The only way to growth and success is by being heard. And the only way to be heard is by great advertisement. Never stop talking about your music, tell everyone you know and tell them to tell their parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and so are. Word of mouth is the start of advertising, but hopefully, after reading this article, you will know what you want to do regarding getting your voice heard.