The unique nature of COVID-19 has resulted in major health organizations creating equally unique approaches to dealing with it. That is why today, we have several helpful resources like the Air Queen Masks for preventing the contracting and spreading of the virus as well as great at-home self-testing kits like Flowflex to monitor how well our efforts are going.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of everyone, some individuals still end up coming down with this virus. Of course, except for people who have underlying health issues, most persons who catch the virus can find their way to recovery on their own. The advent of a wide range of vaccines also does a lot to help the situation.

However, if you do have the virus and you’re in self-isolation, going through the motions to get better, things can get very boring very quickly, especially if you’re all alone. To help alleviate much of that boredom, here are a couple of great activities you should consider trying out!

Take Online Courses and Learn New Skills

For most people, there’s always at least one class or new skill they always wanted to acquire but could never make the free time to actually learn due to how busy and occupied their daily lives are. Now, as you have an abundance of time to yourself, there’s no better opportunity to pick up those skills!

If you want to stay as practical as possible, you could consider taking classes in data science, software development, or even graphics design. Either of these options won’t just add to your repertoire of skills because, as they are bankable skills, you’ll be able to easily profit financially from having them, if that’s what you want.

Take Virtual Tours

One of the (shall we say positive?) offshoots of the pandemic lockdown phase is that it compelled not just health organizations but the entire world at large to think of new and different ways of doing old things. A result of this is that you can now take tours of some very famous museums online!

Some museums you can currently access includes Paris’s Grand Palais, the Natural Museum of Natural History in Washington, and Russia’s Hermitage, to mention a few. And, because Google will be collaborating even more intensively with museums all over the world to bring this feature to even more people, your options here can only grow!

Write a Book

Before you think it, we know; that writing a book sounds pretty cliché, right?

Well, while it might be that, and more, the fact remains that it is a very fantastic way to pass the time, entertain yourself, and stay productive, all in a single go! The best part of this is that you don’t really need many resources to get started here.

Microsoft Word or paper will take care of the writing part and you can use free resources like Grammarly to correct your spelling and grammar!

And with these activities, you’re sure to have a blast till you fully recover!

Published by HOLR Magazine.