Stuck on what to do for summer? Don’t worry. You can never run out of things to do even if you don’t have money. Some of the activities may need you to get a bit creative, while others are more relaxing. The key is to have fun while at it, and it’s even better if you have a partner, friend, or family tagging along. 


There is a broad range of activities that you can engage in during the warmer summer weather. These may range from hiking to water sports, and even long drives in unfamiliar territory. Whatever you choose, make sure you are well prepared to ensure your summer vacation is one to remember. 


Here are some activities you may want to consider taking upon in your warm-season vacation. 


1. Try Some Water Sports

It’s summer, so the sun is out and lots of it will be blessing Mother Nature for a few months on end. The clear blue skies are enticing, and the water is calling you. Relaxing at the sandy beach aside, there is an endless list of water sports you can engage in during your summer vacation. 


For instance, you can go kayaking, bungee jumping, white water rafting, or paddleboarding. 

The latter is increasingly becoming a popular sport among vacationers. Water sports are a relaxing way to enjoy your summer when you plan well. Besides, you can keep fit even as you have fun. 


For an unforgettable summer vacation experience, be sure to arm yourself with the proper equipment and gear to make the most of water sports. One of the best inflatable SUP will come in handy if you’re a paddleboarding enthusiast or just getting started. It’s also an amazing way to enjoy recreational time in the waters for anyone who wants some spice in their next summer vacation. 

2. Pick Some New Recipes

If you’ve been dying to try out some new recipes, making some random meals during summer is an excellent idea. Not only is it fun, but you can also make a hobby out of it way after summer. You can even start making family meals more often.


The beauty of cooking is, you can do it alone or get the rest of your family involved. If you have kids, this is the best time to bond over an activity. An even more exciting way to take up cooking is ensuring you only use the ingredients in the house. If you’re in an Airbnb, use only the ingredients available to you. Limiting yourself to this brings out your creativity.

3. Go Hiking

Nature freaks will find hiking fun. But, even if you’re not into hiking, you get to interact with nature as you exercise. Apart from keeping fit, hiking also helps you lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Still, consider hiking if you’re looking to lose some kilos or want to avoid gaining some weight during summer.


On top of these, hiking is an excellent way to unwind, especially after a stressful schedule. It allows you to enjoy the views and get your mind off of demanding tasks, improving your mood. The icing on this hiking cake is that it’s free.

4. Watch Movies

Love the indoors? Movies are a fun way to relax in summer. Catch up on all the movies you’ve been missing due to busy schedules. On hot afternoons, get some popcorn and lemonade to go with your movie. What’s more? You can invite your friends over with their families for some movie nights. 


Even if you’re more of an outdoors person, you can have fun in your backyard. Not only will you have fun watching the movies outside, but you can also create a simple outdoor theatre that will keep you and your family or friends entertained throughout your staycation. Throw some blankets and pillows outside and catch up on some movies under a starry sky. 

5. Go On a Safari Tour

Nothing beats the thought of experiencing unfamiliar territory in the wild during the summer months. If you are prepared early enough, you can even book a trip to the African Serengeti and Masai Mara in Tanzania and Kenya respectively. The period between June and September is actually the best time to visit these places and experience one of the world’s wonders – the wildebeest migration. On top of these, you will have lots to view and marvel at in the African wild, so your safari will be a worthwhile investment. 

Depending on your preference, you can create the most amazing memories during your summer vacation. If you love the outdoors, hiking and water sports are perfect ways to unwind. For the more reserved type, indoor activities such as movies would be ideal. But, if you have a little more to spend, go paddleboarding.



published on Holr Magazine