There is no better feeling than starting your day off with routines that make the coming hours that much better. There are subtle things we do in our waking hours that can be detrimental to things like our productivity, mood and energy levels. To do so, you must activate your mind and body right in the morning.


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Here’s how:

Drink water

As soon as you brush your teeth, drink 1-2 glasses of water. This will have you feeling more refreshed, give you a clearer mind, flush out your toxins, and jumpstart your energy.


Whether you go to the gym or just do a simple stretch routine, getting some form of movement in the morning will make your brain more active and alert.

 Plan your day

Write it down or mentally structure everything in an itinerary for the day. Also, set time goals for yourself and do your best to stick to them. Setting up an alarm (or multiple alarms) throughout the day is the best way to ensure productivity.

Understand your mood

We are all humans and are entitled to wake up feeling a variety of emotions. We should also never feel like we are going to have bad days just because our morning isn’t happy go lucky. It’s important to be conscious of your mood in the morning. Once you become aware of it, you will be able to alter it and continue with your day.

Do you have any morning routines you swear by?

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