If you know 437’s story about swimwear, then you’re going to want to know about their new essentials collection. If you don’t let me give you a rundown. 437 was created as a swimwear brand in 2017 by Hyla Nayeri and Adrien Bettio, when they couldn’t find swimwear that was right for their body shapes and their appetites (same girl!) 

After the successful launch of their swimwear, they decided to change the brand and create ready-to-wear pieces as well. With that, they have just released their new Gaia Essentials collection of knits pieces like cardigans, polo’s, leggings and skirts, all form-fitting and comfortable. 

These 4 styles come in 3 colour shades, royal blue, stone grey and black (I’ll take all three!) With these three colours, the collection is designed to be mixed and matched, meaning you can pull off a monochrome look or change it up. 

The best part about 437 is that they created each piece with body-hugging fabrics like 90% Rayon and 10% spandex so you don’t have to worry about eating those extra carbs, you’re still going to look, incredible babe. 

With these flattering fits you can heighten your wardrobe with the essential collection, I mean it is called the essential collection for a reason. Throw the cardigan over a blouse or wear it on its own. Pair the leggings with a blazer, or go for a brisk walk. Going out to dinner, but wanting to still be comfortable, the skirt is the perfect ‘best of both worlds’ look. 

So, if you love to feel good and look good, then 437’s collections are meant for you, and while you’re at it check out their swimwear, I hear it’s the best!