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What you carry around in your bag says a lot about you. Whether your bag is a complete mess or organized to-a-tee, it’s important to have the items you’ll need in there. Check out our list for the 5 must-haves everyone should keep in their bag.

 1. Soap Sheets

Have you ever been in a public washroom and the soap dispenser was empty? Or maybe you’re out and about and you’re about to eat finger food, but you’ve touched something gross and sticky… The best way to avoid these sticky situations (no pun intended), is to carry around soap sheets in your bag! Soap sheets are exactly what they sound like — sheets of dried soap that dissolve into soap when in contact with water. These are particularly useful, as it is extra important to keep your hands clean due to the current social climate. Say goodbye to having dirty hands!

hand washing with pretty organic scented soaps  

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 2. Hand Sanitizer  

We already know that it’s important to maintain clean hands… However, what about if you don’t have access to soap or water? Well, that’s why you should carry around hand sanitizer with you at all times. Although soap and water is the best way to remove dirt from your hands, it’s good to have this back up! If you get a scented one, not only will it clean your hands, but it will make them smell so good!


organic Lavendar Hand Sanitizer  

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 3. Portable Hair Brush

Do you want your hair to look flawless at all times? Well, don’t we all? You should definitely carry around a portable hairbrush to help maintain your luscious locks! 

pink organic good for your hair and beauty brush  

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4.  PUR Gum

Everyone should carry around gum in their bag — No one likes stinky breath! Especially if you’re the one smelling it because of the face mask you’re wearing. But, you shouldn’t just get any gum, you should get PUR gum!  

PUR gum is not only delicious but also good for you! PUR gum is sweetened with xylitol, which promotes oral health by reducing plaque build-up and bacteria. It is also NON-GMO and free from any major allergens — it’s vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut and peanut-free!

  Mint pur gum for self care and wellness

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5. Mini Emergency Kit

Practicality meets cuteness with this vintage mini emergency kit! This tiny little bag has a mini version of everything that a person could possibly need, so you’re prepared for any situation — tweezers, a hair tie and lip balm to name a few! If you’re ever in an ‘emergency’ where you find yourself desperately needing a sewing kit or a nail file, this kit has got you covered!

vintage sustainably made make up and beauty bag - trendy and stylish as well 

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