Recharge and refresh!

After spending the last few months at home and indoors, we could all use some beauty perk-me-ups to help us stay recharged and refreshed. Taking the time to pamper yourself and give yourself a beauty refresh can help instantly brighten your mood and keep you feeling fresh all day long.

In terms of getting the day started in the AM, boscia’s Cryosea Firming Icy Cold Cleanser does the trick by awakening tired skin and giving the complexion a youthful bounce, all while sweeping away dirt and grime. Maintaining your skincare routine is a simple way to refresh and recharge yourself for the day so make sure you take 5-10 minutes in the morning to prep your skin for the hours ahead.

If you’re constantly on zoom calls and need to look your best, take the time to give your hair and make up a light touch up. Using dry shampoo, like the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, instantly refreshes your hair by adding volume, and can take less than a minute to apply! Perfect for giving your hair a much-needed lift before you jump into your next meeting or class. If you’re tight on time and need to add a hint of glam to your look, 1day beauty’s multitint comes in a variety of shades and can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks for an instant makeup refresh. Sometimes taking a few minutes to enhance your natural features can help you look and feel more refreshed throughout the day.

After a long, tiring day (or week!) reward yourself and indulge in beauty regimes that will allow you to wind down and recharge. Complete your refresh and recharge routine by lighting some candles and soaking your troubles away with a nice hot bubble bath.

Make sure to try some of the beauty tips and tricks above for an instant refresh!