New homeowners don’t realize the amount of work that is needed to keep a house running optimally. Even if you have built a brand-new home, there are going to be little things here and there that need to be taken care of. In the case of major electrical appliances such as the HVAC system or a critical component such as the plumbing, the repair cost can be quite high.

The process of getting such a component repaired is difficult to manage, and if the problem persists for too long, it could damage other appliances or other parts of the home. The home repair market is filled with service providers who will do you more harm than good, and you may even end up paying a lot more for the repair than you expected. A home warranty takes care of all these problems and even gives you coverage in the case that something gets damaged or stolen. Here is why you should consider a home warranty plan for your home.

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1. Stress

There’s never a convenient time for something to break down. Even if it’s something as small as a leaking tap, it just adds to the list of things that you need to take care of after you get done with your other tasks. With a home warranty plan in place, you know that you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding someone to resolve the problem, and you won’t have to worry about how much it will cost. This is a big burden taken off a homeowner’s shoulders. If you want less stress in your life, a home warranty will give you that peace of mind.

2. Access To Professionals

A home warranty company has a network of professionals that they will reach out to whenever they need to assist a client. This includes every kind of home repair professional imaginable. Not only does this save you time in finding a professional yourself, but you get access to a network of professionals that have already been vetted for their quality. The information found at AHS home warranties recommends that you only work with professionals who are certified and qualified to repair, install or remove the appliances in your home. Technicians who partner with home warranty companies always meet these requirements.

3. Home Value

If you are in the market to sell your home, and you want to get a better price, get a home warranty. All the convenience that home warranties provide translates to better property prices for homes with a home warranty plan. A home warranty will not only increase your property’s value but will also make the home a more attractive option for buyers. A home warranty plan assures a buyer that they are getting a property that has properly been taken care of.

4. Convenience

A home warranty will save you both money and time. Should something go wrong, all you have to do is get in touch with the home warranty provider. They are your one-stop solution. They will get in touch with the relevant contractor, arrange a time, and negotiate all the particulars of the job. All you need to provide is a time when you will be available to receive the contractors. You can even schedule a time for the contractors to visit your home and carry out the work when you aren’t at home while never having to worry about security.

5. Rentals

Property owners that rent their assets are exposed to a lot of risks. A home warranty helps to protect them against the risk of theft, damage, and even depreciation of their asset. This helps to prevent the value of the asset from decreasing over time. Property owners also don’t have to be that strict about who they rent out the property to. A home warranty helps protect both the tenant and the property owner if anything goes wrong.

6. Guaranteed Quality

Home warranty companies have contracts and agreements with service vendors. The contract you have with the company is that all your belongings that are covered by the warranty should be in perfect working condition. No matter how expensive a part is or how time-consuming a repair is, you don’t have to worry about it. This way, you always get the best quality of work possible. How that is achieved is the home warranty company’s prerogative.

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A home warranty can seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is in fact an investment. You are investing in both your assets and your own quality of life. In the past, home warranties were limited to only a few things, but today you can get coverage for nearly everything in your home. It is even more valuable when you get coverage for high-value items, however, it wouldn’t hurt to get coverage for smaller items as well

Article published by HOLR Magazine