Week four and another day in lockdown but who’s counting right? While it can be daunting to focus on the immediate future, the good news is that we’re all in it together and we’ll all get through it together. As much as it’s important to stay informed and listen to the news regarding COVID-19, it’s also important to take a break from it sometimes. Despite all of the devastating news and hardships, we hope that you can make the time in your day to find some relief. Whether it be through digitally connecting with friends, watching an old beloved movie or just pausing to read some feel-good stories — it all counts. Here are 5 trending stories that put a smile on our faces this week.

Student Sews Free Masks For Hearing Impaired

College student Ashley Lawrence got innovative in creating face masks for individual’s who are deaf or had of hearing. Ashley designed the masks with a see-through panel over the mouth to allow for communication while staying protected. The student had previously launched a GoFundMe page to be able to collect money to make more masks but has since announced that she has reached her goal and is currently not accepting donations.

Himalayan Mountaintops Visible for the First Time in Decades

The Himalayan Mountaintops are visible from India for the first time in 30 years due to the decrease in pollution. While the mountain range is more than 100 Miles away, it is now visible to residents in Punjab. The lockdown enforced in India has seen a drastic improvement in air quality, with Delhi alone seeing a 44% reduction in PM10 air pollution levels as early as the first day of the lockdown.

Tyler Perry Picks Up Grocery Tabs for Seniors

Tyler Perry continues to spread goodwill by picking up the tabs during seniors hour at 73 grocery stores in New Orleans and Atlanta, Georgia. The star paid for every senior shopper at 44 Kroger grocery stores and 29 Winn-Dixies stores. While he initially remained anonymous, word soon got out that Tyler Perry was behind it.

Image: todayshow.com

Matthew McConaughey Hosts Virtual Bingo Night for Seniors

Actor Matthew McConaughey wanted to spread some cheer in a quarantined seniors home by hosting a virtual bingo night. The actor posted a video of the occasion with him enthusiastically yelling out numbers as the happy seniors participated. McConaughey and his wife Camila, have also teamed up with the organization B Strong to help deliver masks to healthcare workers, firefighters and police officers.

Turkey Government to Help Street Animals

The new policy of Interior Ministry in Turkey has announced that local councils nationwide will be providing food for street animals at risk of starvation during the lockdown. They have ordered the local councils to “bring food and water to animal shelters, parks, gardens, and other areas where animals are found’.’

Lacoste Providing 145,000 Washable and Reusable Masks

As many brands and companies are doing their part in the fight again COVID–19, hundreds of Lacoste employees across Europe have mobilized to create washable face masks. Almost one hundred employees in Troyes, France, the birthplace Lacoste, have volunteered to work on the manufacturing of 145,000 washable and reusable masks until April 31st , 2020.The masks will supply local shopkeepers as well as the French government to enable them to protect themselves in their daily life.