Olive Veronesi is a 93-year old woman who made a plea via whiteboard for more beer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Veronesi says she has a beer every single night and has been staying home to help flatten the curve. Upon nearing the end of her supply, she wrote on a whiteboard “I NEED MORE BEER!!” and showcased it through the window with a can of Coors Light in hand.

The photo went viral and Coors Light flew in like an angel, responding with a generous gift of 150 beers delivered straight to her door.

“When we saw Olive’s message, we knew we had to jump at the chance to not only connect with someone who brought a smile to our faces during this pandemic, but also gave us a special opportunity to say thanks for being a Coors Light fan,” a Molson Coors spokesperson told CNN.

Upon their arrival, Veronesi cracked one open right on her porch.

[Photo Courtesy: KDKA]

Coors has told her that she and her family have a standing offer for more Coors Light whenever they run out. This standing relationship is the happily ever after I think we all needed.

Needless-to-say, she updated her sign to read: “Got more beer!”

[Photo Courtesy: KDKA]