Today, we are about to replay the fashion derby of the decade once more with feeling. Jeans or leggings? And why leggings?

So, let us start by considering the first things first. What exactly do we love in an outfit? The answer is pretty straightforward – most often, we appreciate a fabulous look blended with perfect comfort. Both jeans and leggings have that, right? Wait, except that leggings look better… And they feel better also. Probably it’s enough said that printed leggings for women are the big winner on the list of all-time-favorite garments.

Still, this over-simplified conclusion simply cannot grasp all of the ways in which leggings keep on rocking the fashion world today. So, in the clash of titans today, we compare leggings with jeans by diving into some more extensive details.

#1 Flexibility and Freedom of Movement

Denim-made jeans are a cotton by-product that is with no doubt high-quality, solid, durable, and sometimes rather soft and comfy. But, anyway, “sometimes” is not good enough, is it?

Leggings, on the other hand, are specially designed to provide ultimate flexibility and freedom of body movements. Made of pure cotton, blended lycra, or different fabric combinations – they are, at all times, delicate on the skin and fitting the lower body half just like a glove.

Compared to jeans, leggings are much more lightweight, stretchy, and unrestrictive during all types of activities.

young brunette girls infunky, multi coloured leggings

#2 Comfort and Pliability

With extraordinary softness comes absolute comfort. A right-sized pair of leggings will not put any extra pressure on your tights, tummy, and abdomen. Instead, it will merely suit your body shapes and sizes in a healthy and pleasurable way, thus outlining your forms without adding up unwanted tension.

What is more – altering a size up or a size down won’t make your leggings unusable – something that we cannot assume about classic jeans.


#3 Bodycon and Bodyshaping

Leggings are intended to fit the body like a second skin, which implies, basically, two things.

First of all, their body-tight structure outlines the body curves in a sensual and alluring way that blends elegance with fresh and sporty sex appeal.

Second of all – depending on the fabric and the design of the leggings, they can not merely outline the shapes but alter them gently and flatteringly. A high-waisted and solid-structured pair of leggings is tenderly body-shaping and helps sculpting the curves of the lower body – bottom and tights including.

cargo, camoflauge leggings  - sexy and sporty appeal of leggings and black shoes

#4 A Broad Spectrum of Sizing Alternatives

When buying yourself a pair of classic jeans, you shall be very careful with the sizing, as a person usually sticks to one size, and all the rest just won’t fit right. What is more – many types of jeans are still limited to offering a perfect appearance only for certain “standard” body types, which is somewhat not cool.

Leggings, on the other hand, are a different piece of cake. Not only do they come in a massive abundance of sizes, but every size fits a broader spectrum of body types and figures. As a result, finding the right pair of leggings is way much easier, and their period of use is way longer, regardless of potential alterations in your weight.

From multiple-X S sizes to multiple-X L sizes – leggings know no boundaries, and they feel equally good on anyone.

#5 Prints and Patterns

Unlike jeans, leggings also offer another massive plus in the form of vividness, diversity, and variety. Of course, jeans can have different minor ornamentations or alterations from the classical plain-colored look. But leggings… Oh, boy.

They can come in an unthinkable number of designs! From one-colored models in neutral darks or electric brights to literally millions of prints, patterns, and motifs. Branded, nerdy, hypnotic, rave… Every pair can bring along a different kind of vibe, and your personal selection can get as shapeshifting as you want it to.

And guess what? Having multiple pairs of leggings will still probably cost you less than having a single pair of jeans. Because leggings are not only better, they are more budget-friendly in addition to that.

leopard print leggings on a woman wearing black platform boots

#6 And All the Purposes!

Except for being fabulous-looking and perfectly snug, every modern garment is also expected to be as smart and practical as possible. Of course, not many fashion pieces can get smarter than a pair of leggings can get.

As you already know, leggings are a universal player. Some of their use-cases, for example, include:

  • You can wear your pair of leggings as a part of your everyday styling when out and combine them with virtually any type of tops and shoes, as long as you have a well-thought general concept.
  • You can wear them in the gym or during any type of dynamic activity, such as jogging, sports, dancing, yoga, or even hiking.
  • Printed leggings are a party starter and a game-changer. In fact, there are entire fashion brands out there who only sell party, festival, and rave leggings with different mind-blowing prints, you know?
  • And, yes! You can wear them while you are chilling in your rocking chair, while you are binge-watching your favourite show, or while you are soundly sleeping during the day or the night.

Virtually, there are no life situations or events that leggings are unsuitable for. From simplistic sporty pieces to luxury models, they can round out multiple differently-styled outfits so that you will be able to steal the spotlight anytime, anywhere.

black and white patterned funky leggings with white sneakers on a young woman

Are You Ready for Embracing the Smart Fashion Concept?

At the end of the day, we can easily give leggings the “smart fashion” title of our decade without thinking twice about it. They simply seem to have it all – the looks, the feel, the diversity, and the all-in-one design that matches our energetic lifestyles so perfectly well.

Covering all potential sizes, all possible purposes, all ages, and all peculiar styles – leggings are just as an irreplaceable garment as jeans themselves have been all along. With the only difference being that… Well, they are obviously way much better.