Since 2019 Amie Leon Dore has collaborated with New Balance in creating their own unique rendition of the classic NB 550s and 997s. Now with ALD’s creative director Teddy Santis heading both brands, they have announced that more collaborations will come in the near future.


Amie Leon Dore was created in New York in 2014 by Teddy Santis, it has been a brand that didn’t make too much noise or step outside of the box too far, but for street style wearers and any New Yorker, the brand became a staple for anything fashion related. 

The brand can be seen as a more vintage aesthetic, with streetwear like trucker hats and varsity jackets, but they have also expanded completely into a full functioning brand. The brand has exclusive collection pieces like unique knits or cardigans but also carries ashtrays and grinders, everything that fits for the bougie New Yorker. 

Based in Queens New York the brand took a turn into 2019 by collaborating with New Balance sneaker company. New Balance has also been known as the  ‘dad’ sneaker, but fashion took a turn and brought back the hype of New Balance shoes. With the collaboration, ALD and NB designed the classic 550s and 997s and created a colourway that was irresistible to everyone. The new look was modelled as a basketball ad, and for anyone who loved a good street style outfit, they were going to jump on these asap. As the collaboration started in 2019, the hype around those shoes still exists, the question is what will happen next? 

ALD and NB now have the same creative director, as Teddy Santis joined NB in spring 2021, with that we have already seen the 2021 lookbook of retro activewear from New Balance branded with Aime Leon Dore, and it does not disappoint. With summer just around the corner and everyone loving the new direction New Balance is taking, many can not wait to see what collaboration is next between the two companies. 


As the spring/summer collection has a retro athleisure vibe to it, many insiders are thinking that the brand will continue on this exact journey but just vamp up the colourways to reflect each year. For the last 3 years forest green, royal blue and red have been paired with neutral tones like sand, beige and browns, now in summer 2022, it is possible that ALD and New Balance either go full earth tones or add in major pops of colour like bright pinks, blues and greens. 

Anything is possible with ALD, and more possibility comes with its collaboration with New Balance, we cant wait to see what is in store, and now ALDxNB is going to shift the streetwear game. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine