In your thirties, you can get locked up with the different societal and professional roles—father, friend, business owner, spouse, friend, and more. Gladly, with the right clothes and accessories, you can set your mood, exude confidence, and project seemingly different yet interconnected personas.

Unfortunately, with fashion ads dominated by young men straight out of college and about to enter the corporate world, it can be quite tricky to choose clothes that encapsulate the modern man. It may be challenging to create looks that show a seamless transition from young to real adult.


Style Tips In Your 30’s

While you may have wardrobe pieces you’ve been wearing for years, you might need to donate some of these and replace them with men’s fashion that’ll complement your age. Confronting this reality is a great way to stay sleek and look sharp, even when you’re tackling huge adult problems.

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Your preferences and ways of styling might be different to others. However, there are styling techniques every man would find handy and practical. To show you, below are four style tips for the modern man in his 30’s.


  • Buy Quality Pieces


Clothing items made from high-quality materials are a great way to invest your money. With quality pieces, you can use and enjoy them for a long time, as long as you’re doing your part in preserving their look. You can also rotate these items to maximize your investment purchase.

Hence, the next time you shop, look for brands that are known for their standard items. For instance, CALIBRE and other similar fashion businesses offer a range of well-tailored garments and durable pieces that’ll be worth your money. 

With quality clothing items, you won’t be compelled to fill your wardrobe with more clothes or buy new ones periodically. This also allows you to reinforce the habit of mindful spending, which is one attribute associated to the modern man. 


  • Prioritize Proper Fit


If you’re lucky or consistent with your fitness routine, your body may not have changed much since you’re in your twenties. Nonetheless, this case i applicable to everyone, especially if you’re an adult attempting to juggle multiple responsibilities. 

Sporting a loose shirt can make you look lousy, untidy, or unprofessional. It may lead you to get distracted, affecting your performance at work. On the other hand, a tight shirt can only make you feel unhealthily conscious, uncomfortable, and restricted. Both of these scenarios can influence your focus and productivity. 

Some of your clothes may have shrunken over time. Others may look too lousy on you. Hence, if you have the budget, consider working with a local tailor to help you adjust old, yet still fresh, clothes and other recent purchases. Your tailor can help make your clothes look great based on your specific measurements, helping you feel your best no matter what shape you’re in.

Apart from your grooming routine, the correct fit will greatly influence your confidence. It can help you flaunt your proportions without overdoing it. At the same time, this can help you project the right amount of professionalism during client meetups, business meetings, and the like.


  • Dress For The Occasion


Clothes allow you to show your personality and fashion taste. However, inappropriately dressing for certain events can result in embarrassment and potentially make you appear unprofessional. To blend in during social gatherings, make sure to stock up on clothes appropriate for certain occasions. 

For instance, if you’re a financial advisor or a lawyer, you’ll surely be attending a lot of formal events. Hence, purchase and prioritize staple pieces, such as a blazer, neutral-toned trousers, white polo shirt, leather shoes, sleek watch, and the like. These will also come in handy in a lot of semi-formal occasions. 

Look into your lifestyle, line of work, common dress codes, and other things to help you decide which clothing pieces you ought to have. Likewise, go get yourself quality denim jeans, a black shirt, sturdy jacket, and other similar items for errand days and casual events. 

Moreover, similar to purchasing quality clothes, it’d be best to own a few multipurpose pieces that you can rotate and wear for a lot of events. Buying multipurpose pieces allows you to maximize your purchase and dress properly for any occasion.


Final Thoughts

Clothes, accessories, and other similar fashion items are an extension of your personality, job position, preferences, and even your age. Considering this, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality pieces, get your clothes tailored, and dress properly for the occasion. 

By following the tips above, you’ll surely be able to sport a modern man look that would get you compliments and boost your confidence.