Know someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and you’re totally stumped at what to give them? Whether they are secular or are of a different faith, it’s still the season of giving, after all. That’s why we’ve put together this list of seven gift ideas for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. Whether it’s seasonally scented candles, a bottle of vino or a donation to their favorite charity, there are plenty of ways you can let someone know how much they mean to you this holiday season.

#1 A Scented Candle

A candle makes a fine gift for just about any occasion, but it adds a warm, comforting glow and scent around the holidays. Have friends or family that celebrate the Festival of Lights? Send them Happy Hannukuh wishes with a Jewish Christmas candle that smells like delicious applesauce-dipped latkes and jelly donuts. You can even add a few candle tools and accessories with the gift, such as a wick trimmer, snuffer or even a tiny glass vial of matches to place beside it for decoration. 

Know someone with allergies or rowdy kids who might prefer a flameless reed diffuser instead? Whether they are a household of two faiths or secular, a Holiday Stroll reed diffuser with scents of mulled wine and sugar plums will put them in the holiday spirit. 

#2 Food, Wine and Treats

Everyone loves to indulge around the holidays. Whether it’s gourmet food, a bottle of fine wine or decadent chocolates and treats, they make wonderful gift ideas for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. If you know the recipient well enough, put together a gift basket that will get them through the crazy holiday season. Think gourmet foods like cheeses, meats and roasted nuts to create a charcuterie spread. Accompany it with a bottle of red, white or rosé wine — even champagne if preferred — to wash it down. 

If you lack inspiration on what to give the person, a monthly subscription service is a safe bet. For example, you could send them the first box of a coffee-of-the-month club or a wine club membership that will ship beans and bottles straight to their door. Looking for a smaller gift idea? Fill a cute, festive mug with a soothing tea and a mini bottle of honey.

#3 Home Decor 

Home decor is another great gift idea for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. It can be as simple as a decorative throw pillow or chunky wool knit blanket they can curl up with on the sofa. Or, it can even be a really nice metal frame, made complete with a photo of a special place in their heart or a snapshot of the two of you. It could even be a colorful illustration or print you find on Etsy. If you know the person well enough, as well as their tastes in home decor, you can even offer them a more substantial gift like a lamp, sculpture or some other sizable decorative object. 

#4 A Book

Books always make lovely gifts for just about anybody. Even if they aren’t much of an avid reader, you can give them a photography book or coffee table book with stunning images that they can flip through for hours. However, if you know the person well enough (and know their favorite author), get them the latest novel, along with a bookmark. You can even offer them a battery-operated reading light so they can stay up burning the midnight oil, polishing off one last chapter. 

#5 A Matching Scarf and Mittens

One easy gift idea for someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas is a matching scarf and mittens. This is a truly thoughtful gift for someone who lives in colder climates of the northeast or midwest who could always use some cold-weather accessories. 

Plus, you don’t have to know the person’s size to select these wardrobe items. A thick merino wool scarf offers a luxurious gift, but a scarf you knitted yourself makes a very straight-from-the-heart gift too. Of course, choose universally sized mittens instead of gloves, unless you can take an estimated guess of their hands size. Even better — offer them a rechargeable hand warmer they can slip inside a coat pocket. 

#6 A Potted Plant

potted plants

Plants make wonderful gifts for anyone. If you know the person has a green thumb, send them a potted succulent or an extra-special household plant like a Pothos Jade, Rattlesnake Plant or — for a truly special gift — a Variegated Monstera. You could even round out the gift with a decorative pot you chose yourself and a watering canister, a charming glass spritzer or hardy gardening gloves. 

#7 A Charitable Donation

Know someone who always puts their own needs second to others? Maybe you have a friend or family member who is more of a philanthropist during the holidays and prefers a more minimal lifestyle? Then contribute to a charity in their name. Whether you choose a local charity that helps a nearby homeless shelter or a global charity that does good worldwide, it beats buying them trinkets that will eventually be donated.

Not sure where to donate on their behalf? Simply ask them. But if you want to make the donation more of a surprise, be sure to do your research and make sure your money will be well-spent. Check out Charity Navigator, a website dedicated to evaluating and rating nonprofits, ensuring each generous donation is efficiently spent. 

#8 Gifting a Noble Identity

Purchasing a traditional ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ title is usually a complex and expensive endeavor, especially if you’re not born into royalty. But there are alternative ways to make someone feel truly noble. You can style them as a Laird, Lord, or Lady of Glencoe by gifting them a souvenir plot of Scottish land.

While it’s not a title of Scottish nobility in the traditional sense, it’s a fun and affordable gift that allows them to embrace a unique identity. Learn more about how to buy a title and explore this distinctive present that connects them to Scotland’s beauty and heritage.

By giving them this memorable gift, you’re not just celebrating the season of giving; you’re also providing them with a piece of Scottish land to cherish and conserve for years to come.

Find the Perfect Gift for a Special Someone

With these seven gift ideas, now you should have a little bit of inspiration on what to give those who don’t celebrate Christmas. From foods to books and donations, there are all sorts of gifts that can make someone smile this holiday season. Whatever you choose, make it heartfelt and put some thought into it. It’s the season of giving, no matter what faith they celebrate! 

Published on Holr Magazine