We owe it to our instagram feeds on enlightening us about stripes. They are coming back this summer and are going to be even bigger in the fall. What’s more, most of the inspiration is coming from our guys!

Check out these Instagram influencers who are making serious moves.


1. Signature

insta: (@mpx)

This look is the stripe statement piece. Wearing a blazer styled overcoat, the vertical navy stripes elongate every body type. Keep similar and solid colours for the rest of your outfit to make sure all the attention goes on the statement stripes. Also, layering is everything, so if you want to slip through the cracks, the overcoat is key!

2. Set

insta: (@darion_famous)

– In past couple seasons, sets have been the biggest hype. So why not set with your stripes? A coat and shorts makes a comfortable warm weather outfit without overwhelming the eyes with stripes. You can also wear anything you want underneath.

3. Horizontal

insta: (@jovelroystan)

– For a more casual look, try horizontal stripes on a sweater. This easy to wear look is complimentary on all body types and styles. You can also never have enough of these sweaters in your closet!

4. Stripe on stripe

insta: (@jacobjkeller)

– For the daring, try stripe on stripe. Pairing a dress shirt with a striped bomber is a clean and bold way to rock this trend. Pair it with your favourite solid coloured trousers to keep it sharp.

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