Traveling never seemed convenient and hassle-free until electric bikes made their way into the automobile industry. The days and hours of planning a short trip and then renting a vehicle to reach the destination are not needed anymore, as with an e-bike, you can make sudden plans and travel anywhere you want on your own or with friends. Due to this convenience during traveling, an electric bike has become the top choice for all travel enthusiasts in recent years. All travel enthusiasts want an electric bike that can be their travel companion by making traveling stress-free and memorable with its phenomenal features and performance. You may find many ebike models in the market that claim to be the best for traveling, but here we have come up with a review of one of the best electric bikes for travel enthusiasts.

Addmotor is one of the well-known e-bike brands renowned for producing top-quality electric bike models. All of the models of Addmotor electric bikes have advanced features and high-quality components that allow the riders to have the best riding experience. Various Addmotor electric bike models are loved by travel enthusiasts, but here we are reviewing one of the best Addmotor e-bike models for traveling, i.e., the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike.  

Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike is specially designed for all travel enthusiasts with exceptional features such as a folding frame, which makes it easy to transport and store the e-bike wherever you travel. It can be used for all travel adventures, such as riding through trails, sandy beaches, or any uneven or inclined surface. So let’s look at the exceptional features of the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike that make it a perfect travel companion.  

Electric motor 

Travelers know how they have to encounter difficult terrains during adventurous rides. To tackle tough terrains, an e-bike should have a powerful electric motor. As the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike is specially designed for traveling, it has a powerful 48V*750 watts rear hub electric motor. The rear hub electric motor allows you to shift the gears easily while preventing the stress on the drive train, hence extending the life of the components. The powerful 750-watt rear hub motor allows you to tackle all kinds of terrains on the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike. You can comfortably ride the e-bike on sandy beaches, hills, forests, and all the uneven terrains you encounter while traveling. 


You wouldn’t want to recharge your battery on your trip again and again after covering a few kilometers. To avoid this, you need an electric bike that has a high-capacity battery that allows you to cover a long range. So Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike has a 20 Ah high-capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery. This long-lasting and removable battery allows you to cover a range of 100+ miles on a single charge on PAS 1. The Addmotor M-140 folding ebike battery is also UL certified, which means it is manufactured according to international safety standards, and there is nill to a minimum chance of explosion or fire. 

Folding frame 

Travelers always find it difficult to carry their e-bikes along when going to a vacation spot or traveling to another city or state. Some also found it difficult to store their electric bike at the workplace or at home due to less storage space. Addmotor’s M-140 folding electric bike has solved this issue of the riders with its folding frame that makes it compact and portable. Its foldable top tube and pedals make the e-bike compact enough to store in the trunk of the car, under the desk of your workplace, or in the RV. So you can take your e-bike along to explore the beautiful scenery and nearby areas on your next travel destination. It has a lower step-thru frame design, which makes it convenient to get on and off the electric bike. The sturdy and durable frame of the M-140 folding electric bike is capable enough to withstand heavy loads and tackle tough terrains. 

Rear rack and fenders 

Traveling can be more fun with friends or a partner. Considering this, Addmotor has added a detachable rear rack on its M-140 folding electric bike which can accommodate passengers easily. You can add a Seat post and take your children on a trip or pick and drop them to school. You can also carry the travel essentials on the rear rack no matter how heavy the weight is, as the Addmotor M-140 electric bike has a payload capacity of 280 lbs. There can be many unpredictable events during traveling, such as sudden rainfall, and you may have to ride over deep puddles. The splashes from puddles can ruin the clothes of the rider, but the full cover fenders of the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike keep the clothes clean and dry. 


Tires also play an important role in allowing a smooth and comfortable ride by providing better traction and stability. The Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike has Kenda 20’’X 4’’ fat tires. The 4-inch wide Kenda tires provide better traction and stability and help in conquering all kinds of terrains easily. The Addmotor e-bike tires provide maximum comfort during the ride, thanks to the layers of inner tube protectors, which provide better roll-over capability and a bump-free riding experience. 

Pros and cons of Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike 

Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike has phenomenal features and outstanding performance. But like all other vehicles, it may have some downsides too. So let’s look at the pros and cons of this Addmotor electric bike to help you make the right choice. 


  • The foldable frame lets you store and transport the e-bike anywhere you want, regardless of the compact space. 
  • The rear rack of the M-140 folding electric bike lets you make memories with friends and families by taking them along with you. 
  • Its aesthetically pleasing design and its availability in six bold colors let you flaunt your e-bike wherever you go. 


  • Even its foldable and compact frame would be difficult to lift and carry due to its heavy weight. 
  • The long charging time of 8 to 10 hours of the e-bike might be a hassle for travelers on the go. 

Traveling is always fun for traveling enthusiasts, but it can also become memorable with the right electric bike. The Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike will be your perfect travel companion, as its features and frame design can enhance your traveling experience. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.