The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone – including our fur babies. The pandemic continues to be a major disruption for veterinarians and their clients. The world has had to evolve and vet care has not stayed behind, and Vetster dominating the ride.

Vetster is the world’s fastest-growing veterinary telehealth marketplace. It has responded to industry demands and is now making vet care even more accessible.

The Vetster mobile app makes it easy to find a veterinarian at a time and place that works for the pet owner. With video, audio and chat options, pet owners can speak to a trusted and verified vet who can help assess the fur baby. They can diagnose and even prescribe medication.

It is easy to use and very convenient in these uncertain times. Vetster manages payment and invoicing. It provides a summary of the appointment and keeps records on file for future appointments.

Vet care has never been more accessible. The mobile app provides 24/7 access for any emergency or situation that may come along.

Dr. Sarah Machell, medical director at Vetster, and CEO Mark Bordo are the masterminds behind this incredible service.


Interview With Dr. Machell, Medical Director 

How important is it for pet health to keep up with regular vet visits?

Pet ownership is truly a special relationship between animals and humans. One where the pet owner advocates on behalf of their pet and is often the sole source of information about their animal’s health.

Unfortunately, barriers to accessing veterinary care such as scheduling, affordability, or proximity – now exacerbated by the pandemic – has made it difficult for pet owners to get the urgent care their pet may need, never mind the proactive, preventative care veterinarians wish they could provide through a pet’s every life stage.

We want people to get the expert care and advice needed to keep pets healthy throughout their life. From establishing good behaviour as kittens and puppies to evolving their nutrition and exercise as they get older to help owners be more informed about ageing changes that might develop in their pet’s senses, cognition, appetite, or mobility.

Thankfully, we are beginning to see a shift where pet owners are seeking out veterinarians as well as trainers, chiropractors, technologies and trusted resources to become more informed and look at their pet’s health holistically.

At Vetster, we increasingly see pet owners use our service not just for urgent needs, but also for follow-up appointments, to find answers to their questions, to get nutritional advice, or even ‘check in’ to gain the confidence that they are doing all the right things. Our customer reviews often use the word “lifesaver” in them, implying a sense of relief that they are able to get the care and support they need, quickly.

What are the dangers pets and pet owners face with the shortage in the veterinary industry?

The pandemic highlighted the labour shortage in the veterinary industry and as more people brought pets into their lives. The bubble burst and left veterinary clinics unable to keep up with the unprecedented demand. Coupled by the stress and limitations placed on veterinarians this last year, many pet owners have struggled to get the care they need in an emergency, never mind for general checkups or non-urgent issues. Sadly, this impacts animals the most.

This is where telemedicine and Vetster play a hugely important role in pet care. There are many areas of pet health that can be understood and treated by telemedicine including nutrition, skin conditions, parasites, eye and ear health, and so much more. Vetster is a trusted addition to in-clinic care that connects people where they are, to top-rated veterinarians at a time that is convenient to them.

What characteristics should a pet owner look for in a vet? 

When selecting a veterinarian, the first thing you want to look at is their ability to treat your pet in your area. Often this means a veterinarian who is licensed to practice in your state or province. The second is to look for a veterinarian that has experience with your pet’s species. Vetster makes these first two questions easy and will surface veterinarians to you who fit these criteria. The third is of course the availability to suit your schedule. Need an appointment at 2 a.m. when your restaurant shift ends, or do you need one at 7 a.m. before the school rush starts? Vetster makes it easy to find a veterinary appointment to suit your schedule. Lastly, ratings and reviews are a great way to find a vet that is trusted by pet owners.


Interview With Mark Bordo, CEO Of Vetster

What does the future of vet care look like? 

The future of pet ownership is exciting. With advances in telemedicine, nutrition, diagnostics, and other technologies pet owners will be more empowered to proactively manage their pet’s health. From intelligent heart monitors to auto-feeding treats, to AI-driven tools to diagnose eye health, to connecting with veterinarians virtually, pet owners will be much more confident in managing the overall health of their pets at every life stage. We will also see a major step forward in access to and sharing of pet medical data allowing pet owners to easily manage their pet’s medical history file.

We will see the treatment of animals improve, and pet ownership increase around the world as more people understand the benefit of pet ownership and also have the means and resources to do so.