With the rise of K-beauty, Western consumers have been looking more to the East for beauty inspiration. With a reputation for enhancing natural beauty and creating translucent, clear complexions, it is no surprise that J-beauty (or Japanese-beauty) was next to attract interest. While K-beauty focuses involves multiple steps, it is the flashier sister of the more refined, understated routine of J-beauty.

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Unlike K-beauty (Korean beauty), it’s difficult to describe J-beauty as a trend. In reality, Japanese cultural roots are intrinsic in many products commonly used.  For example, rumour has it that face powder was first made by a Buddhist priest for the Japanese Empress. Even the fashion staple of red lips originated with the Geisha’s. In fact, Japanese brands are not as unknown as many Korean ones – with She Uemura and Shiseido having been available for as long as we can remember. There’s no denying that J-beauty is increasing in popularity and with Marie Kondo streamlining our closet’s, is it time to take a Japanese approach to our bathroom cabinets too?


J-beauty has a philosophy of simplicity with a real focus on cleansing and hydration. Here’s a rundown of the usual routine. Firstly, start with a thorough cleanse – preferably with oil. Cleansing oil actually originated in Japan and is super popular globally for effective make-up removal (even of waterproof mascara!) and a deep cleanse without stripping the skin. Ideally, follow your first cleanse with a second cleanse, using either a cleansing powder or gel. After skin is truly clean, apply a hydrating essence. This will increase the moisture in the skin significantly over time and add a great plumping effect. Following this, use a nourishing moisturiser which contains an SPF to protect against harmful UV rays. 


Here our some of our favourite products to use from J-beauty brands:


DHC: Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC’s cult cleansing oil is very popular, offering a simple formula at an affordable price. This cleanser dissolves dirt and make-up effectively and contains virgin olive oil to nourish the skin and leave it feeling clean and soft. This product should be massaged into dry skin for at least 60 seconds. Don’t let the oil put you off – this works even for oily skin!


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

This bestseller adds brightness, plumps skin to reduce the effect of wrinkles and improves texture by conditioning the skin. It’s lightweight and quickly absorbed, as well as being appropriate for all skin types. 

Shiseido Essential Energy Day Cream SP20

A highly nourishing formula containing SPF and technology which enhances how responsive your skin is to the benefits in it, this a great day cream.  


Japanese brands constantly invest heavily in technology while not letting go of proven methods, so it’s worth monitoring new developments from popular brands. Also, Beauty Pie has a great new range called Japanfusion which builds on the increasing popularity of J-beauty and is worth checking out! Following a simple routine is the perfect way to streamline your mornings and evenings, but even incorporating one J-beauty recommendation into a more complex regimen could reap benefits for your skin. 


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