Girls will splurge on certain items that the male counterpart can just never understand…

One, being makeup. More specifically, the prices of eyeshadow palette’s can seem a tad pricey, but trust us when we say, we NEED it!

Too Faced Cosmetics always makes palettes that take the makeup guru world by storm- but we have never seen such advertising perfection before. Take a look at their ad campaign video for the re-launch of the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette.


YouTube is flooded with makeup guru’s testing  out the palette and putting their own twist to things. It is selling out and not to mention- it actually smells like peaches. Here are some images of the palette in action:

Christen Dominique

Beauty By Hermosa


Jessica Helfrich

Alissa Ashley

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Written by: Julia Shelton

Images retrieved from: all Instagram accounts of the bloggers.