This summer has been all about spontaneous trips to the West Coast, long weekends to the cottage and days off spent at the beach. Altitude Sports has an essential list of clothing, tech and accessories that are a very important part of the packing list, especially one that is created days in advance. 

Altitude sports carries everything you need from fuzzy warm vests, solar-powered chargers obviously the most important, a cooler to keep your drinks cold. Altitude Sports gives you the same/next day delivery in Quebec, Toronto and out West, which helps make those last-minute plans with friends, a lot easier to pack for. 

Altitude sports has curated a list of the most popular gear, gadgets and more that you might need for your summer adventure. Starting off strong with the most important item, clothing. 


The Patagonia Los Gatos- Women’s Fleece $125, a shaggy vest is not only stylish but keeps you warm. Can be used as a base layer or an overlayer, it’s perfect for those early morning hikes in the mountains or those lazy afternoons after a long day in the ocean. 


Not only a stylish jogger but one that is machine washable and sweat resistant. Duer No Sweat Jogger-Men’s $139 is so versatile you don’t even need to wear it hiking, but definitely try it out. For just $139 you can wear these pants dressed up, dressed down or around the house. 


The Boston Wool Birkenstocks $159.99  are a unisex birk that can be shared and worn almost anywhere, if you are a cottage core kinda person this slip-on sandal works great with comfy clothing, especially something along the lines of a Billabong Switchback Pullover Fleece.


For tech and gears, that’s going to help you keep pace, count calories and make sure your not always starring at your phone while out in the beautiful wilderness, the Fitbit SmartWatch $329 will do all that and it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters!

A backpack is always essential, when hiking make sure to try and get your own to store your water, food, extra clothing, a first aid kit, and maybe a can of bear spray. 


The Osprey Daylite Backpack $84, not only comes in a ton of unisex colours but its 13L capacity can carry a water reservoir, laptop, clothes and all your other daily or emergency needs. 


Everyone has or has had a portable charger, but have you ever gone to use it and it was dead. Introducing Biolite Solar Panel $164. This 3000 mAh battery has the ability, capacity and strength to charge a phone, tablet, camera or laptop. The best part is that you can attach it to your bag and charge it while you hike, no need to wait around, just walk and charge. 


Although these all may seem like some of the most important things you will need for your spontaneous adventures, the truly most important part would and should be your food and its storage. For many, if you camping or going to the beach you want to make sure everything  (including your drinks) is cold and refreshing. The item to do the job will be the Yeti Tundra Cooler for $349, may seem like the smallest but it packs a punch, including an average of 20 cans. The Yeti is insulated and UV proof and will be your companion for both long road trips, a day on your paddleboard or just a few days/nights by the water.