What is Amanda Bynes doing now?

Amanda Bynes was detained last Saturday by the police for a mental health evaluation and has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. The psychiatric hold was extended to a week as her loved ones are concerned for her wellbeing and authorities confirmed she is in danger to herself and others. Bynes had called the cops Saturday morning for help and is in her second 5150 psychiatric hold this year. When police arrived at her residence, the “She’s the Man” was placed in cuffs, and eyewitnesses who witnessed the situation said Bynes appeared ‘calm during the interaction’.

Amanda Bynes

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Her first psychiatric hold this year was in March after she was walking around Los Angeles naked and was placed on psychiatric hold for 3 weeks. The Nickelodeon actress has bipolar disorder and doctors are trying to get her to stay on top of medication and therapy. A source informed ET that Amanda is attempting to look after herself as best she can but had stopped taking her medication.

Amanda Bynes and Fiance

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Since her nine-year-long conservatorship ended in March 2022, Bynes has had several breakdowns. A source reported that Amanda functions well if she takes her prescribed medication but once she feels better she stops and that leads her into a ‘cycle of repeated breakdowns’. While Amanda Bynes was under conservatorship, Byne’s mother ensured she was taking her medication, and not complying with her medication was never an issue. Amanda Byne’s conservatorship ended as the court determined the legal arrangement was “no longer required.”

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