A suspenseful trailer of Shining Girls dropped recently ahead of its global premiere on Apple TV+. Elisabeth Moss leads, directs, and works as executive producer of the show. 

Apple TV Original Releases New Trailer of “Shining Girls” Starring Elisabeth Moss 

Photo Courtesy of Apple TV+

Shining Girls 

The highly anticipated series is an adaptation of Lauren Beukes’ 2013 bestselling novel of the same name. Shining Girls follows a Chicago newspaper archivist, Kirby Mazrachi (Moss), who aspires to become a journalist. Unfortunately, Kirby had to put her career aspirations on hold after she suffers a traumatic violent assault. The tragedy resulted in her having an unreliable memory where she constantly finds herself doubting her perception of reality. 

One day, years after surviving her assault, Kirby learns of a recent murder that is eerily similar to her own attack. Because of this, she believes that the murder suspect and her assailant are the same person, so she enlisted the help of a veteran reporter Dan Velasquez (played by Wagner Moura) to discover the attacker’s identity. Together, they uncover several cold cases that are similar to Kirby’s. Oddly enough, the cases date several years before Kirby’s attack, which at first sounds impossible, but after Kirby’s unexplainable experiences with shifting time and reality, they are convinced that the assailant is someone capable of the impossible. 

Apple TV Original Releases New Trailer of “Shining Girls” Starring Elisabeth Moss 

Photo Courtesy of Apple TV+

Cast and Production of Shining Girls

In addition to Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Wagner Moura (Narcos), the cast includes Phillipa Soo (Hamilton) plays the other victim, Jin-Sook; Amy Brenneman (Tell Me Your Secrets) as Kirby’s mother Rachel; and Jamie Bell (Rocketman) as the mysterious Harper Curtis. 

In 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions and Media Rights Capital acquired the television rights to develop The Shining Girls novel. DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, and Michael Hampton executive produce through Appian Way. Moss and Lindsey McManus executive produces through Love and Squalor Pictures. Meanwhile, Michelle MacLaren serves as a director and executive producer with Rebecca Hobbs through MacLaren Entertainment. Likewise, Diana Reid directs and executive produces. And lastly, Alan Page Arriaga and author Lauren Beukes also serve as executive producers. 

Shining Girls is written, created, and adapted for television by Silka Luisa. She is also the showrunner and one of the executive producers of the show. 

Watch Shining Girls Official Trailer

The intense trailer shows the gripping and eerie tale of Kirby and her path to uncovering the truth about her assailant.

Shining Girls is a psychological science-fiction thriller full of mind-bending elements that will keep the viewers on their toes. The viewers will want to tag along with Kirby and Dan’s investigation as they try to unearth the mystery behind the attacker. 

Shining Girls Premiere Date

Apple TV+ will debut the first three episodes (out of eight) on Friday, April 29, 2022. It will be followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday. 

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