The highly-anticipated season two of Tehran is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Apple TV+’s Spy Thriller, “Tehran” Back For A Second Season

Photo Courtesy of Apple TV+

Tehran is an espionage tale about a Mossad agent who goes on a deep undercover mission in Tehran. It stars Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinyan who is an Iranian-born Israeli agent and computer hacker. The story circles around Tamar and her dangerous mission to the capital city of Iran, and though she was born there, she spent most of her life in Israel so her beliefs and loyalty belong to her adoptive country. 

Tehran Season One Recap

Here is a recap of what went down in the first season of Tehran. (Yes, consider this your spoiler alert).

Tamar Rabinyan goes on an undercover mission to disable a nuclear reactor stored in the Iranian capital. Her objective is to neutralize the Iranian Air Defenses so the Israeli Air Force can simultaneously attack Iran’s weakened barriers. To accomplish her mission, Tamar switches identities with Zhilia Gorbanifar who is a Muslim employee of a local electric company. Through this disguise, Tamar enters the electric company where she manages to hack the computer network that is connected to the Iranian radar system. She came very close to fulfilling her mission until her boss, who assumes Tamar as Zhila, attempts to rape her and then gets killed by Tamar during a fight. Tamar ends up running away and hides from the head of the investigation of the Revolutionary Guards.

Apple TV+’s Spy Thriller, “Tehran” Back For A Second Season

Photo Courtesy of Apple TV+

Where Season Two of Tehran Picks Up

The second season will pick up with Tamar who is still donning a target on her back. To get justice, she plans an operation that can potentially endanger the people in her life. The Award-winning actress Glenn Close (Hillbilly Elegy) joins the talented cast for this new season. Close plays a British woman named Marjan Montazemi, she also serves as an executive producer of the show. 

The new second season is now streaming on Apple TV+. The first two episodes premiered on May 6th, while the rest of the episodes are released weekly. All five out of eight episodes are now available to watch. 

Apple TV+’s Spy Thriller, “Tehran” Back For A Second Season

Photo Courtesy of Apple TV+

Tehran Season Two Cast 

Aside from Niv Sultan and Glenn Close, the cast of Tehran also includes Shaun Toub (Snowpiercer), Shervin Alenabi (The Bureau), Arash Marandi (All You Need), and Shila Ommi (The Illegal). 

Tehran is from the creation of Zonder, Eden, and Maor Kohn. The executive producers are Eden and Shula Spiegel for Donna and Shula Productions; Peter Emerson for Cineflix Productions; Along Aranya for Paper Plane Productions; Julien Leroux for Paper Entertainment; and Zonder, Omri Shenhar, Syrkin and Eldad Koblenz for Kan 11. Zonder along with Shenhar wrote the show while Syrkin directed it. Cineflix Rights is the international distributor of Tehran.

Watch Season 1 and 2 on Apple TV+.

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