Ariana Grande was spotted supporting Hailey Bieber in a super cute way- check out the viral video clip below!

Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by user @voguemagazine, Ariana Grande was spotted supporting Hailey Bieber and we’re all here for this moment!


#ArianaGrande saw #HaileyBieber use her REM eyeshadow in a Vogue video, so naturally the star returns the favor by using Hailey’s lip mask—the fan-favorite watermelon flavor, no less. As seen on the latest episode of VogueBeautySecrets.

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In the viral clip, Grande states that she saw Bieber using her product in her Vogue video so now she brought Bieber’s product to use in her own Vogue video! Grande claims she “loves” Bieber’s Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment. She uses the Watermelon flavor in the video but claims the Birthday Cake flavor is her go-to.

In a previous Vogue video, Bieber used Grande’s r.e.m Beauty eyeshadow claiming that she “loves this eye product.” Bieber also voices how she wants to be vocal about supporting women-led and founded brands as a new brand owner in the space- go Hailey!

We’re obsessed with this friendship crossover! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.