Zacch Pickens is going viral after he didn’t realize people could hear him singing.

American football player Zacch Pickens is trending after this video (posted by user @espn on TikTok) of him singing to himself went viral online.


His reaction at the end 😭 (via @chicagobears) #nfl #chicagobears #micdup

♬ original sound – ESPN

As seen in the video, Pickens is singing “Waterfalls” by TLC to himself on the field- without realizing that he is mic’d up and that others can hear him, too. In the hilarious video, Pickens can be seen and heard singing the song lyrics. In another clip, he admits he didn’t know he was mic’d up, supposedly burying his head in his hands at one point.

Some commenters took to the comment section of the video to correct his lyrics-

What do you think of the viral moment?

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