Ariana Grande’s alleged voice change is going viral after a clip started circulating on social media.

Ariana Grande Voice Change

June 19, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @jarredjermaine, a viral clip of Grande’s voice allegedly changing is making its rounds online.

As you can see in the video, Grande- who is being interviewed- can be heard talking in a lower-speaking voice at first but then quickly changes it up to a more recognizable higher-pitch speaking voice to talk about her writing and music.

Why the sudden switch-up? 

Apparently, Grande has addressed these viral claims before, as outlined in this related article. As a result, it seems as though these voice changes are intentional for the singer, who changes her “vocal placement.” This is seemingly dependent on how much singing the star has been doing, in which it’s related to her overall vocal health.

Paris Hilton Real Voice

Grande is not the only one- Paris Hilton has been known to change up her speaking voice as well.

Paris Hilton Voice Change

Hilton has shocked fans in the past by speaking with her “real voice” which is lower than the more recognizable high-pitched speaking voice she is known for, similar to Grande. Hilton recently revealed that she has been playing a dumb blonde-type character for most of her life and with it came this high-pitched voice- which subsequently helped launch her career (as noted here). In growing up, Hilton has seemingly wanted to move away from this persona slightly to become known as more of a businesswoman.

What are your thoughts on this viral clip of Grande changing her speaking voice?

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