Paris Hilton Uncovered She Is Releasing a New Album Next Year Produced by Sia on The Tonight Show

During the show, her son Phoenix came up in their talk.  The cute baby just turned 9 months old two days ago. With the picture of him that Jimmy Fallon brought,  he was in a Halloween costume. Paris laughly added that the kid experienced his first time in NY and first-time jet lag, waking up until 1 a.m. Moreover, Jimmy Fallon introduced season 2 of Paris in Love premiers on November 30th on Peacock, in which Paris is a media personality.

PARIS HILTON: 4 facts you should know

1. What Made Paris Hilton Famous?

Today’s famous Paris Hilton, 42, is a media personality and entrepreneur also widely known as a fashionable icon. It was in 2003 that she became famous overnight when she started to play in The Simple Life in the FOX reality television series with co-actored with Nicole Richie, which lasted until 2007. This fame, furthermore, became more global in 2004, releasing Night in Paris, a pornographic video, exposing Paris and her ex-boyfriend’s private night, which was directed by Rick Salmon himself.

2. How Is Paris Hilton So Rich?

The net worth of Paris Hilton is estimated to be around $300 million in 2023. This is much above the American average.  In the United States, “The average net worth is $748,800,” according to, especially, “the median net worth for people between ages 35 and 44 is $91,300. The average is $436,200.” (As also noted here) Her success in business, as well as media, contributed to her extradinal net worth.

3. Does Paris Hilton Own Hilton Hotels?

The question of whether Paris Hilton owns Hilton Hotels or not is never-ending among many people. Contrary to people’s expectations, Paris Hilton does not own Hilton Hotels. However, she is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Therefore, it is said that she would get a fourth of the property of the Hilton Hotels, which is worth over $14.2 billion.

4. Paris Hilton Married with Carter Reum

Paris Hilton married Carter Reumis, 42 American author and business successor. While they are blessed with a son, Phoenix, Carter also has a daughter, Evie, who shares with Laura Bellizzi. However, Paris does not have a strong relationship with Evie.

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