Put down the scissors and put the box dye back on the shelf! We’ve tapped one of the city’s top stylists to get a post-quarantine trend forecast and to figure out how to get the best hair at home.

David Nadicci works on a client inside of we are we are on Queen West. (Photo by Anthony Tucitto.)

When we walked into the new hair sanctuary we are we are (pre-quarantine), it was light, airy, warm and bright. While it had all of the makings of a luxe Queen West salon, it evoked the cozy intimacy of your BFF’s apartment. 

The team at we are we are is headed by L’Oreal Pro David Nadicci, who has blessed the tresses of Sebastian Stan, Post Malone, The Arkells and more. While his knack for hair has brought him as far as South Africa, London, and New York, he’s back in Toronto heading his own hair haven.

While they have temporarily closed their doors for the quarantine, their passion for hair persists. In his words, “we’re about the art of hair,” Nadicci told us over coffees at a morning salon walkthrough earlier this year. “Everyone has emotional attachments to their hair. We like to bring people into what will best suit their lifestyle.” 

Now that we’re two over months into quarantine, many of us are left with grown out cuts, roots and disheveled ‘dos – but should we take matters into our own hands? Not so fast. Here are some of our favourite soundbites from our chat with David, including his favourite emerging trends and why DIY bangs are a no-no.

we are we are owner David Nadicci. (Photo by Anthony Tucitto.)

On looking natural:

I want my clients to have wearable hair. It’s not a trend anymore to be going to sleep with rollers in your hair. People want to wash their hair and go. And now everyone is embracing their natural textures too, so we enhance the beauty that people have and that will always be timeless. 

On trends that should go away:

Men’s pompadour – tight and high. It’s all you see. Also, the beach wave is on it’s way out.

On summer/post-quarantine hair trends:

I think that we’re going to start seeing less structured waves. The perfectly curled beach wave isn’t a look anymore. We’re also definitely seeing the Billie Eillish hair, though. Her hair is almost like hot roots. We’re getting asked for a lot of that, but it’s a lot of younger clients.

On whether DIY haircuts are worth the risk:

I wouldn’t recommend putting scissors to your own hair – leave haircuts to the pros. My stance is to embrace the changes your hair is going through and find creative ways to style it. You don’t want to be at home with crooked bangs, it might make you feel worse. But for the guys, if you’re isolating with a partner or a friend, I recommend getting help cleaning up your neckline and around the ears. That could be done with clippers or trimmers.

On maintaining healthy hair at home:

To keep your hair healthy, my advice is to wash it less – no more than three times per week. Frequent washing will dry out the hair. You should also limit the use of hot tools; when you add unnecessary heat, you take away the integrity of your hair. Lastly, keep in mind that healthy hair comes from within your body. Vitamins B, D, calcium and potassium are all great to incorporate into your diet. Healthy living, healthy eating, healthy hair.