Captain Jason Chambers forced to fired two people on Monday night’s episode.

Captain Jason Chambers made a tough call and let go of two crew members in the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, causing high tensions and a challenging moment for everyone involved.

captain jason chambers incident

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Why did Luke and Laura get fired from Below Deck?

captain jason chambers fires luke

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Previously, Luke Jones allegedly climbed into the bed of Margot Sisson naked without her consent, prompting the firing.

“You should come and cuddle with me,” Luke told Margot in the back of the car.

Margot however responded by saying, “No, let’s go.”

“I just want to go to bed,” she told Aesha as Aesha helped her onto the yacht and took her to her cabin. Aesha told Margot, “I don’t want any drunkenness to be taken advantage of.”

Adding, “I just saw the way that Luke was looking at you, and I’m feeling very protective.”

So, Margot clearly wanted nothing to do with Luke at all, so why did he try to push the issue?

“I am glad that you’re here. I don’t want to go in the jacuzzi, I want to go to bed. All I want is water and bed, no Luke.”

Despite Margot’s rejection of his earlier offer, Luke still stripped down and climbed into Margot’s bed.

The producers of the show were quick to intervene for Margot’s sake, by then, Luke had become belligerent to them and ignore their instructions for him to leave.

“We can’t do that, she said no, she said no,” the producers told Luke.

Laura Bileskalne has been fired for her own misconduct.

Also, Laura engaged in her own misconduct first, with Adam Kodra, and again with Margot in the aftermath of the incident with Luke.

Laura had been shown touching fellow cast member Adam Kodra, even after he repeatedly told her to stop.

Also, like Luke, Laura had entered uninvited to Adam’s cabin and proceeded to try and give him a massage.

to which he – again – said “no”.

Of course, this is just the latest in the toxic environment that seems to be plaguing the entertainment industry lately.

captain jason chambers fires laura


Captain Jason Chambers from Australian reality series Below Deck Down Under has addressed sexual misconduct on the show’s set.

Furthermore, in a statement to BBC News, Captain Jason Chambers personally thanked the crew for “breaking the fourth wall and stepping in.”

Also adding that the “inappropriate events” took place while he was absent.

However, he said in an Instagram post that “I don’t know what goes on” when the show’s crew socialise together.

But added, “If it’s inadequate behaviour, you’ve seen that production would inform me.” Watch the full video here.

Social media has applauded the actions of Captain Chambers and Chief stewardess, Aesha Scott for their swift actions to protect their crew.

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