With these brie-lliant dairy-free cheeses, you don’t have to give up your cheese addiction!

Whether you’re allergic to dairy or you’re trying to go dairy-free for health reasons, the struggle to find adequate replacements for your favourite dairy-containing meals can be challenging. 

As someone who personally LOVES cheese and anything with cheese in it, I was devastated when I found out I was allergic to dairy. I made it my mission to find the best dairy-free cheese alternatives. This list will rank my top 5 favourites!

5. Best Mozarella: 365 Everyday Value Plant-Based Mozzarella Cheese Alternative

I’ve personally found that mozzarella is the one cheese that doesn’t have a great dairy-free alternative. Out of all of the dairy-free mozzarellas I’ve tried, I would say this one is the best. 

This cheese looks and melts just like the real thing! The taste of this cheese comes the closest to real mozzarella, out of all of the dairy-free mozzarellas I’ve tried.

4. Best Cheddar: Field Roast Creamy Original Chao Slices

Field Roast is a great brand if you’re looking for dairy-free cheeses! This brand is also known for making plant-based meat. Their ‘creamy original’ cheese tastes very similar to cheddar cheese, so give it a try if you’re a cheddar lover!

3. Best Gouda: Earth Island Smoked Gouda Slices

I may be biased here, as gouda is one of my absolute favourite cheeses, but these smoked gouda slices by Earth Island are incredibly delicious! This tastes pretty close to real gouda and functions well in sandwiches and burgers. (I commonly use these in my grilled ‘cheese’ sandwiches, and they taste delightful!)

2. Best Feta: Violife Just Like Feta

Violife is another impressive brand that offers a variety of delicious dairy-free cheeses. As someone who grew up eating a lot of greek food, I’ve always been a huge fan of feta cheese. This dairy-free feta cheese tastes almost exactly like the real thing! I fell in love with this ‘cheese’ the first time I tried it. I strongly recommend this one if you’re a feta lover! 

1. Best Cream Cheese: Violife Original Cream Cheese

Hands down, this is overall the best dairy-free cheese I have ever tried. If you used to love cream cheese before you cut dairy from your diet, this will function as the perfect replacement for you. This cream cheese by Violife is just as creamy and delicious as regular cream cheese.

I’ve even got some of my friends (who eat regular cheese) to try this and they loved it! 

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