Many global nomads move to these amazing locations, find out why these are the top 5 best places to live in as a global nomad!

As globalization takes hold of the world and the workforce transitions to being online, the location where you stay no longer has to be near your work. In fact, you can work from anywhere on the globe and become a digital nomad. Many locations around the world offer cheaper prices for a higher quality of living so you can live like the queens and kings you are. Here we are looking at the best locations to become a global nomad and live the life of luxury.

Canggu, Bali

Canggu Bali is a global nomad paradise. With thousands of expats there year-round Canggu consistently rates in the top spots for best global nomads to reside. Being a former surf town, Canggu has developed to be tailored to tourists and high quality of life. This has transformed the small town into a spiraling hub of cafes, yoga studios, fitness centers, and work hubs. Having an incredible selection of cheap but very healthy meals at your disposal. The average cost in Canggu Bali per month is around $1200 which includes great internet speed. The traffic isn’t great and during monsoon season the beaches get fairly dirty, but you will find no shortage of things to do as you have the entire island to explore. Overall Canggu is easily one of the best places to live as a global nomad as it is often referenced as paradise.

St Julien’s, Malta

This place has been on the global nomad map for only a few years and has rapidly exploded for it’s amazing lifestyle. The city is located near the central hub of all of Malta and has an amazing nightlife. Though more expensive than the other two options on this list, St Julien’s offers great internet and living conditions averaging around $1700 a month. The downside is how compact the city is, being one of the most densely populated places in Europe. Despite that, there is much to do in Malta where you can escape the hustle and bustle should you ever need to. Malta offers great accessibility throughout the island and is quickly rising the ranks as one of the best places for global nomads to reside.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has become sort of a legend amongst global nomads. Located in northern Thailand this top digital nomad city is surrounded by lush jungles and breath-taking temples. The place exudes culture which is perfect to immerse yourself and occupy your free time. Other than that Chiang Mai has amazing modern coworking spaces and vibrant night markets. With Thailand’s low cost of living, you’re looking at around $950 per month with great internet. The one downside is the burning season, where air quality deteriorates, but that is only between January to mid-April. Otherwise, Chiang Mai offers great accessibility throughout the city and is a marvelous city to live in as a global nomad.

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