In recent celebrity news, Kate Moss’s half-sister Lottie showed off a face tattoo she got while vacationing in Bali! 

As mentioned in this article, Lottie Moss recently showed off some new ink after vacationing in Bali. The model, Kate Moss’s half-sister, took to her Instagram to show off her latest tattoo.

The tattoo, which reads “lover” sits on her left cheek. As the article states, Lottie was recently interviewed by Glamour UK, in which she talked about her experience, “Since rehab, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery. I’ve spent a lot of time in Bali, surrounded by nature, reading alone or spending time with like-minded people – and learning to love myself again while finally being free from my former life.”

When opening up about her new tattoo and the reason for getting it, she had this to say to Glamour UK- “That’s why I decided to get my face tattoo; the word ‘lover’ under my eye. Yes, it was impulsive, but after years of being so controlled, it was my way of expressing that I am free. I’m no longer controlled.”

Lottie may have made an impulsive decision but she’s standing by her new ink. The model posted a TikTok video to her platform documenting her experience here, in which she received some backlash from commenters.

lottie moss face tattoo

Image Credit: Lottie Moss TikTok

Check out the image she posted to Instagram below of the tattoo:

lottie moss face tattoo

Image Credit: Lottie Moss Instagram

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