Ranking number 1 on New York Times prestigious bestselling list, this book is a kind reminder of what truly matters in life and what are the most important things in it. More than that, Charlie Mackensy opens a window to the human heart, with life lessons on love, friendship, and kindness. Definitely, a must-read!

With over a million copies sold, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse” is an absolute editorial phenomenon. Published in 2020, this book is heartwarming, sensible, unique, beautiful, hopeful, and touching, all at the same time. Aimed at an audience of any age, this story inspires reflection as it teaches readers about life’s most important lessons. In a few words and several poetic illustrations, this book will make people reevaluate their existences and change their perspectives on several life fields, but mainly on how the audience sees themselves.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse By Charlie Mackesy Book Cover

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Along its 128 pages, Charlie takes readers to accompanie four very unusual friends, a young boy, a mole, a fox, and a horse, as they adventure into the Wild. They meet each other and get to share one another’s confidence along the journey. Together, they will explore the thoughts as well as the feelings that unite us all in this world. The story behind this masterpiece is pretty ordinary and yet so extraordinary in its essence that renders readers speechless.

Moreover, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse” is just the perfect gift idea. Besides being aesthetically pleasant and decorating any nightstand beautifully, this book is a delicate, considering gift to people at all ages. It is very easy and quick to read and its images are mind blowing.

Extract From Book The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse By Charlie Mackesy

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Charlie Mackesy is a British writer born in Northumberland during a very snowy winter. As a kid, he has never demonstrated a huge interest in school and preferred drawing cartoons. The author attempted university twice in his life but left both of them in a short period of time. Although never having gone to art school, Charlie spent 3 months in America and had the help of a portrait painter to learn about human anatomy.

British Author Charlie Mackesy

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His career started as a cartoonist for “The Spectator” and as a book illustrator for Oxford University Press before exhibiting his works at “The Park Walk Gallery” in London. Most of his work features in books, private collections, and in public spaces, but he has also collaborated with Richard Curtis making drawings for auction on the set of “Love Actually”, and with Nelson Mandela in 2006, creating a set of lithographs entitled “The Unity Series”. Charlie has lived in South and Southern Africa, as well as in America. He is obsessed with music and Co-runs a honey social enterprise in Zambia called Mama Buci. The author is really passionate about this book of his and intends to write a sequel.

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