Spinoff series Bosch: Legacy released a new extended trailer ahead of its May premiere. The new series is the first original series to debut under Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service, Amazon Freevee.

“Bosch: Legacy” The First Original Series to Debut Under Amazon Freevee

Photo Courtesy of IMDb TV (soon to be Amazon Freevee)

The long-running police procedural drama based on the novels of Michael Connelly, Bosch, will return in a new spinoff, Bosch: Legacy. The new series will pick up what the original series left off from its seventh and final season which premiered last June 2021. The same cast will reprise their roles including Titus Welliver as Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch; Mimi Rogers as the civil rights attorney, Honey “Money” Chandler; and Madison Lintz as Harry’s daughter and LAPD’s rookie patrol officer, Maddie Bosch. 

Bosch Season 7 Recap

To recap the seventh and final season of Bosch, Harry Bosch has lost faith in the organization he works in which prompted him to resign from his post. The ending shows him applying to become a private investigator (a totally predictable career choice for an ex-cop). However, to his surprise, his daughter also makes a monumental career change. Instead of doing the college-to-law-school route, Maddie Bosch signs up to join the police force hoping to follow in her father’s iconic footsteps. Now we see our reformed ex-cop protagonist stuck in a situation where he has to support his cop daughter while also ACAB-ing his old job and boss. This storyline alone makes us want to see a Thanksgiving episode. 

Moving away from the Boschs, Honey Chandler was eager to put Carl Rogers to justice but found herself in danger when Rogers’ hired killers shot her. This resulted in Chandler being put into a medically induced coma due to the assassination attempt.

“Bosch: Legacy” The First Original Series to Debut Under Amazon Freevee

Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch.
Photo Courtesy of IMDb TV (soon to be Amazon Freevee)

Bosch: Legacy, a Bosch Spinoff

Bosch: Legacy will pick up where Bosch left off—with Harry working as a private eye in Los Angeles. It will also focus on his unlikely partnership with Honey Chandler as the two try to put Carl Rogers behind bars. Furthermore, Maddie’s new career as a police officer will also be a focus of the show. It will follow Maddie and her partner, Reina Vasquez (Denise Sanchez), as they patrol the streets of Los Angeles. 

Bosch: Legacy Trailer

The extended trailer starts with Harry telling Maddie that “legacy matters.” It also features Maddie’s narration of his father’s and her new career, “sometimes the system fails…but his [Harry] code, never has…and that’s why I want to follow his footsteps.” 

Amazon Freevee, the new name for IMDb TV

The rebrand of IMDb TV will commence on April 27, 2022. The name of the free streaming service will change to Amazon Freevee, and it will host an ad-supported library of TV shows, movies, and channels. The first season of Bosch: Legacy is the first original series that will premiere under Amazon Freevee. Amazon Freevee is available in the U.S. and U.K. and will become available in Germany in late 2022. 

Bosch FAST Channel

In addition to the premiere of Bosch: Legacy, all seven seasons of Bosch will also be available to watch on Freevee. Moreover, a Bosch FAST Channel recently launched on the streaming service and has allowed fans continuously watch the show. 

“Bosch: Legacy” The First Original Series to Debut Under Amazon Freevee

Mimi Rogers as Honey “Money” Chandler.
Photo Courtesy of IMDb TV (soon to be Amazon Freevee)

How To Watch Bosch: Legacy

Bosch: Legacy will premiere its first four episodes on May 6th, 2022 on Amazon Freevee. It will be followed by two new episodes each Friday through the finale on May 27th. 

Author and creator Michael Connelly executive produces the show along with Eric Overmyer, Tom Bernardo, and Henrik Bastin. Bosch’s series lead actor, Titus Welliver, also acts as executive producer of the show along with Pieter Jan Brugge. Meanwhile, Zetna Fuentes directed the spinoff pilot. Bosch: Legacy is produced by Fabel Entertainment.

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