The Montreal-based brand is expanding its retail locations to more stores and pop-ups throughout Canada in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Moose Knuckles is transforming its spaces into visual representations of the brand’s ethos –bringing the tundra to the city. 

Moose Knuckles brings Canadian heritage to its core and traces back to 100 years of family history in the tailored business, including creating some of the best-tailored parkas. Since 1921 the brand has been protecting Canadians from the cold and in 2009 Moose Knuckles was born. From then on they have succeeded in keeping Canada and the rest of the world looking great and warm in some of the most luxurious looking sportswear.

Moose Knuckles worked in partnership with designer Stefan Beckman to design the store. “Renowned designer Stefan Beckman created a completely immersive experience into our world. Moose has always merged Canadian technical know-how in outerwear with a fashion edge through a global lens that makes us truly unique in the space. We welcome the opportunity to showcase our complete line to new markets across the country and the world” says Andrea Elliott, EVP, Direct to Consumer, Moose Knuckles. 

Stefan Beckman is well known for his work with New York Fashion Week, the CFDA and many world-famous designers. Beckman’s work shuns ostentatious adornment and is considered a minimal design that reflects Moose Knuckles perfectly. In the Toronto store, Beckman utilized frosted glass and glassy surfaces, replicating a hypothermia-inducing landscape. This digitally created environment stimulates the four climate bands- chilly, cold, crazy cold and of course Canada cold. For a luxury brand like Moose Knuckles, showing these elements in their stories alongside their product allows for clients to be immersed into thinking, seeing and believing that the brand and their sportswear is the perfect fit for them and the winters they endure. 

“The concept of applying a tundra-inspired lens on city life struck a chord with me. The question was how to merge these two vastly different worlds? We had to be very sharp and purposeful with every element” says set designer Stefan Beckman. 

The Toronto Eaton Centre store is open now!

Article published by HOLR Magazine