Bianca Andreescu is a star on and off the court. Not only is she a grand slam champion but she is putting her best foot forward and championing for pets across Canada, and is teaming up with Royale to help over 100,000 cats and dogs in need find them forever homes. 


Both Bianca and Royale are known to love pets, Bianca is known to have her dog Coco watch her courtside as she plays tennis matches all around the world. Royale is another big pet advocate, as they are known to have pets features on the logos of all their products including the cute fluffy white cat on their toilet paper.

Having Royale and Bianca team up for pets all across Canada is going to be one interesting double match, as their goal is to help 100,000 cats and dogs in need of adoption find their forever home!


On and off the court fans all around have seen you and your dog Coco side by side, what made you want to partner up with Royale to help thousands of cats and dogs find homes in Canada? 

I hope everyone can experience the joy that Coco brings me every single day, and Royale® Home for Every Pet Project feels, like myself, that our four-legged friends deserve to experience the joy of companionship. For a second year, Royale® Home for Every Pet Project is helping more animal shelters than ever before to find forever homes to the 100,000+ cats and dogs in need of adoption every year across Canada, and if I can help spread awareness to help find loving homes for these pets, of course, I would want to be part of that. 

As a tennis player and a former US Open champion many people have gotten to know your name, what impact do you think your platform has when it comes to a charity so meaningful to something you care so much about? 

It’s one of the greatest parts of being a tennis player and US Open Champion to be given the ability to use your platform to speak and promote causes closest to your heart. The charitable aspect means the world to me and I am fortunate that my voice can be heard. 

What is it about being a pet owner to Coco that makes you love pets so much that can hopefully inspire someone to adopt or foster a cat or a dog? 

The unconditional love Coco brings me is what I hope everyone is able to experience as a pet owner. If it is right for you and you can look into adoption or fostering, I recommend it. The happiness we get from our pets is endless. 

Your partnership with Royale creates a big impact when it comes to animals, can you tell Canadians just what kind of impact they are making on pets in Canada? 

Right now, when you purchase $20.00 of Royale ® products, until October 13th, Royale ® will make a $5 donation to its partner animal shelters. And, to further showcase their commitment to driving awareness of this cause, Royale® has once again replaced the iconic white kittens on their packaging with five adopted shelter pets. You can see these feature pet stories from the award-winning producer, Greg Hemmings, and the details of how they have given their new families the joy of companionship by visiting