“Gear Swiss” videos are going viral on social media platform TikTok. HOLR is breaking down the latest trend and what it is.

What are TikTok gear swiss videos all about, anyway? HOLR is breaking down the alleged trending video below:

Gear Swiss Video

According to this article, Gear Swiss video is trending all over TikTok- but what is it about? As noted in the article, TikTok videos with the text “Gear Swiss” are going viral. These include videos with that phrase written in watermarks, captions, or hashtags on the video.

Some TikTok users are confused by the introduction of these videos on their “For You” pages. Others think it is creepy that these videos started appearing. The article goes on to say that it is unclear what is going on in the videos, but that they allegedly included two masked people- one in a SWAT uniform and the other in a military uniform- who could supposedly be seen together, engaging. The internet is running rampant with rumors regarding what is going on in these “Gear Swiss” viral videos, as noted here. Some think that the two masked people are brawling, others believe it’s a joke or training, while some think the viral videos contain p*rnographic scenes.

Here’s what one Twitter user had to say about witnessing the mysterious trending videos:

gear swiss

Image Credit: Twitter


As a result, the internet is thoroughly confused about where these videos came from, what they are about, or what they actually mean. Right now, there seems to be no real reason behind the videos although they continue to go viral online.

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